Alan has made the transition from the physical to the spiritual world. And we can all rest assured that for him "this is the best of times."

As you may have noticed from the title, these web pages have likewise made a transition from a living eulogy to a loving eulogy.

What we began as a place to share our thoughts, prayers and feelings with Alan was, thanks to so many of you, wildly successful. In his final days he asked to be taken from his bed simply for the joy of reading the messages and looking at the photographs. Your postings gave Alan enormous satisfaction and showed him how much we love him. He touched us and we touched him. We are all quite fortunate.

Now it's time for us to be supportive of each other and especially of Eva and the family. In tribute to Alan's life well lived we continue these pages as a loving eulogy.


The Ten Commandments Of Alan Baskin
1. So What!
2. Why Not?
3. To Be, Or Not To Be
4. Absolute Honesty From A Loving Place
5. I Take Full Responsibility
6. When You Give It Up... You Get It All
7. When In Doubt, Throw It Out
8. Forgive Everyone
9. Love, Without Conditions
10. Be Like A Kid In A Candy Store

The family has requested that, in lieu of flowers, please honor Alan by supporting The Alan Baskin Endowment Fund for the BVI National Parks Trust. For information on the fund please visit:


These are the eulogies from Alan's family.

From son, Michael:

"You were a miracle in my life. A soul so full of energy and love. You loved to laugh. You loved life. You loved other people. You loved yourself. You made your life an adventure. Life was always exciting around you. Life was never about the past or the future but always about the moment. And in this moment I feel this incredible love for you. I don' t feel loss but enormous gain. I know you lived your life completely. You never held back, always took what others thought were risks. But to you, just steps down the path or just gentle drifting, weightless down the side of an ocean wall. You marveled at nature. It only got better for you. You said you saw vivid colors everywhere. And you shared them with every one of us. Through your eyes the world seemed "only great." "How are you?", someone would ask. I remember being six years old and you said, I'm fantastic! What an incredible life I have." That's how it was to be around you; incredible, fantastic, the best. I knew you were a miracle then and that feeling has never left me. As I held your hand and you looked at me and your eyes told me you were out of air, I knew this one had been the best. I will always love you and I know you will be around and inside. Just a few thoughts from the other children and all of us. We loved you and we adored you. You changed all of our lives. The thing we will remember the most is to live in the present and that's what you were to us...a present."

From daughter, Roberta:

"It's a special privilege to be able to call Alan "Dad." Our relationship began exactly 13 years ago last Sunday, when I finally picked up the phone and made THE dreaded call. With cosmic grace, my last conversation with dad was exactly 13 years later, this past Sunday, celebrating that phone call. Alan's unique gift to all of us was his capacity for love with no boundaries. In that first phone call, he generously handed over his family. It was very Alan-like... a giant verbal hug.
He didn't tell me about his other daughters and his sons. He generously called them MY sisters and brothers. Absurdly, I had spent years just to convince myself to make the call for genetic reasons. I thought I should check and see if there was insanity in the family. Well, we all know there certainly is. But Alan reassured me then. "You have great genes!"
I look at my still-new found family.... and say, "Ah yes." Remember you may look at me as the oldest. But I like to think I'm the youngest. Just a teenager. A thirteen year old.
Alan's model for all of us is about love. And about not taking life too seriously. Living in the now... or as he would say, "In the exquisite moment of right now!" His special gift was the ability to focus on whoever or whatever was in front of his face and love it completely. It was a loving feeling he shared with each of us... and of course with every meal he ever ate.
I'm a different person... a more joyful... more loving... less serious person because of my contact with Dad. Finally, I want to honor Alan's 10 Commandments. I've understood and appreciated 9 of them until this year. The first one, "So what?" wasn't just hard for me. I felt rebellious about it. I would tell him, "I'm not a "so what" person and I don't like people who have that attitude. That's because you don't understand the meaning of "so what," he would say. Then I had an epiphany about "so what" on Alan's 70th birthday. In a way it was HIS gift to me. Not surprisingly, it was about food... specifically a "turducken." A turkey stuffed with a duck stuffed with a chicken stuffed with jambalaya. I had raved about the turducken feast Jim and I had over Christmas. So of course Alan had to have one for his birthday bash Feb. 20th. He got right on the internet and tried to order it from New Orleans. No matter how charming he was, they wouldn't budge, they wouldn't send one out of the country. No problem, he said. He sent it to me instead, so I could bring it to Tortola over his birthday week-end. I wasn't pleased. What else can I pack in a suitcase holding a frozen 15- pound turducken? What happens when it thaws and stinks and everybody gets Salmonella? What do I say to Tortola Customs when they ask me if I have "anything agricultural to declare?" I was full of doubts and worries. But when I got to the airport, I got hit with, "So what?" It is what it is. I was doing what he wanted. If it worked great! If not, So What?! I could feel the 15 lb turducken fly out of my suitcase and lighten my load.
Nobody asked me about declaring anything. Not only was it still frozen when I arrived... but it took 2 days to thaw out, almost not ready for the party. And yes, it was delicious!
Just like Alan's life... and lessons to all of us.... a delicious feast of love and adventure and no regrets. This morning Alan delivered a special sign Ű a double rainbow over Biscayne Bay. Thank you Dad.
Our memories of love and laughter and rainbows with Alan will be in our thoughts and hearts forever."

From daughter, Lisa:
"My father was an incredible person. He influenced my life in so many ways. I remember the time my sister, Robin, and I bought him a Peter Pan hat because he was so much like the man-child who never wanted to grow up! Or riding in the mini moke through the jungles of Grenada singing at the top of our lungs "Oh What A Beautiful Morning"as we heading for our weekly adventure to the waterfalls. He always had an amazing group of people hanging around him. Everyone felt his glow, his infectious spirit. He could tell stories that were better than anything found in books. He was a truly fascinating man with an overwhelming zest for living life to the fullest. For me, he helped to open my mind to all things possible. For that I will always be grateful. I also learned from him a lesson in dying. He showed us all that if you are able to live your life well ie; a loving spouse, great children, loyal friends and no fear, dying is just another adventure. My dad had an "E Ticket" on life and he used it well. And lucky us we got to ride along with him. I want to believe that where ever he is, he's still got that ticket with him. I loved my father very much and sometimes I can feel his spirit around me and that is comforting."

From wife, Eva:

"I'm so glad everyone is speaking so eloquently in Alan's behalf because I can only speak a few words here. As you know, everyone has been so touched by Alan and as the web site itself gives testimony. It's impossible to summarize our 25 years together. But we always made a great team and we were always known as "Alan and Eva" and he always included me to make sure that we were the team working together. The deep knowing and intensity of our love gave the security of a solid platform from which to experience the world and allowed us to be adventurous and overcome great adversity and remain together solidly throughout the years. Everyday in our 25 years he told me, "I love you." Alan welcomed each challenge fearlessly, a great gift to me. Even the challenge of his last transition. Shortly after his last breath, I felt him dancing above us and hearing, "Eva, Eva, Eva." And knowing at the same time that even though he left his physical form, I don't have to look far for him because I feel him very close to me and he'll always be living in my heart. I want to thank everyone for their great help and love and concern and especially to his son Mchael for being there every step of the way and for his strength. Thank you everyone and we'll always appreciate it."

Newspaper & Magazine Articles
The Wall Street Journal - Friday, 8/19/66
Atlantic Coastal Diver - August, 1981
Washingtonian Magazine - June, 1992
Miami Herald - Friday, 9/17/99
Associated Press - Saturday, 9/18/99
USA Today - Monday, 9/20/99
Miami Herald - Wednesday,10/6/99


Solve Ten Commandments fight

By DeWayne Wickham, Gannett News Service

WASHINGTON — Somewhere out there in the great beyond Alan Baskin is smiling.

The fight being waged in courts across this country over efforts to turn the Ten Commandments, one of Christianity's most pious symbols, into an ornament of our secular government has to delight him.

Last week, the city council in Plattsmouth, Neb., voted to appeal a federal court ruling that a Ten Commandments monument in a city park amounted to an unconstitutional "establishment of religion." In Philadelphia a federal judge ordered officials in nearby Chester County to remove a plaque of the Ten Commandments from atop the front of the county's courthouse.

Both of these legal skirmishes came in the wake of the Supreme Court's refusal late last month to review a lower court's decision to stop Indiana Gov. Frank O'Bannon from placing a monument listing the Ten Commandments on the statehouse lawn.

These fights are part of the battle over efforts to turn this country into a religious state — one in which both the teachings and the symbols of Christianity will have equal weight in our body politic with the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence. In the past few years, federal courts have differed over whether to allow the Ten Commandments to be displayed on public property. The Pennsylvania and Nebraska cases will add to growing pressure on the Supreme Court to produce a definitive answer to this question.

The skirmishing on this issue has got to delight Baskin. Before leaving this life three years ago he penned his own version of the Ten Commandments. Unlike the ecclesiastic laws that God handed down to Moses, Baskin's commandments do not bump heads with this nation's constitutional call for a separation of church of state. His canons are secular rules to live by — a worldly prescription for life that cuts across the fault lines that divides religious faiths.

His first commandment: So what!

His second: Why not?

Taken together they should inspire people to be free thinkers, to clear their minds of the clutter that comes from overdependence on ideology of any sort.

Baskin's third commandment: To Be, Or Not To Be.

The next: Absolute Honesty From A Loving Place.

The fifth: I Take Full Responsibility.

The sixth: When You Give It Up ... You Get It All.

These commandments are the secular flip side of the religious admonition against coveting "your neighbor's wife," bearing "false witness" and "committing adultery." Everybody can buy into them without regard to which of the world's competing religious beliefs they subscribe to.

Baskin's seventh commandment: When In Doubt, Throw It Out.

His eighth: Forgive Everyone.

The ninth: Love, Without Conditions.

And the 10th: Be Like A Kid In A Candy Store.

If you think its sacrilege for me to suggest that we might try to adhere to a set of Ten Commandments that differs from those you were given in your Bible study class consider this: No single version of this biblical edict exists. The Protestant, Catholic and Jewish faiths actually embrace different versions of the Ten Commandments.

While Protestants and Catholics believe one of the tablets given to Moses bore the words "Thou shall not kill," many Jews are convinced it read "Thou shall not murder." This and other differences mean that any decision to publicly display a religious version of the Ten Commandments on government land or property will unavoidably favor one Christian denomination over others. And while Muslims don't call it such, they have language in the Koran that tracks closely — but does not replicate — those that are popularly believed to comprise the Ten Commandments.

Instead of running the risk of setting off a holy war by trying to foist one of these versions of the Ten Commandments on public property, why not leave them in the churches, synagogues and mosques where they belong — and put Alan Baskin's canons on display in courthouses and on statehouse lawns?

Write Wickham at

The man glowed

I first met Alan on a dive trip to Tortolla in 1990. I called the shop from the States to make arrangements and spoke with Eva, a delightfull and charming lady. The second time I called I spoke with Alan, who was filling in on the phones. I spent one of the best weeks of my life in Roadtown, and truly enjoyed the time I spent with Alan. The man positively glowed! He is the poster child on living life.

sweet brother, sixth year

Six years has passed and still missing you and when things get tough we
remember your courage and it seems easier to get on with life. Lighting
the sixth candle, always in our hearts, love, Bonnie & Marty.

You are my family

This is very strange for me to sit hear and write to you, however, I feel compelled. Although we have never met, we are in fact family. Alan Baskin's father was Ben Basking, who was my father, Al Basking's brother. Ben was the oldest I believe of the Basking family, living in Florida.

I would really like the opportunity to talk to one of my relatives. Please reach me at

Thank you for posting this wounderful ulogy.

Rochelle R. Dent

I have colon/rectal cancer. Hopefully, had cancer. I had a illiostomy bag that was reversed. I need help with diet as I get so sore. All the cancer nutricionist kept cancelling when they were supposed to meet with me. Can you help. Sincerely, Rochelle Dent email

I do not know whether I can get in contact with you this way. But I try.

Dearest Eva,
Please excuse my bad English.

Few days ago, I don’t know why, I had to think of you and Allen. The thoughts came simply into my mind. Therefore I went to the pc and entered as keyword “Allen Baskin”. What I got to read was a shock and makes me very sadly. Allen and you, you two were in the time of my stay on Haiti the ones to whom I looked up. I think with longing back to the time on Haiti. Each individual dive with you and Allen was an unforgettable experience. It was one of the most beautiful times which I had so far in my life. I am very grateful to you and Allen. Thank you for all you and Allen gave to me.

As new homeland, after my divorce, I had selected myself St. Lucia. On St. Lucia, Martinique and Guadeloupe I had already spent several times in my vacations. I am ashamed that I did not used those opportunities in order to visit you. Please forgive me.

But - approx. 7 years ago my dream, to return back to the Caribbean, was destroyed. An armed robbery caused, beside the psychic shock, so much material damage to me, so that I had to reduce my company to a "one-man enterprise”. Until today I do not recover from the economic damage.
Refrained from the material situation, I feel real good. On my Website you can take a look at my "works of art" in fashion.
Love Eva,
I wish you the best of the best.
In gratitude for the time which I was allowed to spend with you and Allen - Werner called "the Needlejockey"

I always hold you and Allen in my heard.
I wish I could turn bake the time.

Sooner or later we meet again, and then we will have another view fabulous dives together.

Werner Golla
mobil: 0177-4805601

great messages

Hi guys! once you love, the lord God loves you more than you could. remember his power. It was my pleasure to read the postings because all was encouragement and it helps me a lot. Thanks Alan..
Continue and hope you have many more success to come....

Bennett Cin

My email address is in Chicago IL

Bennett Cin

We were next door neighbors with the Baskin's in SKOKIE IL. If anyone out there could pass this along to Alan's children, i'd love to catch up with them and share some childhood memories. BTW I still vividly recall Mr. Baskin taking me on my one and only motorcycle ride.

Always remembered

Dear Eva:
For quite some time I had wondered where you and Alan were, especially evey time I went diving.
I was re-certified by Alan in Santo Domingo in 1975 and I have very fond memories of diving with you as well in Punta Cana and other Caribbean destinations.
The whole group from Baskin in the Sun also attended my wedding later that year, and I still keep on my coffee table the wedding gifts from you all (a collection of Cousteau's books).
Today, as I was checking that C-Card from 1975, I saw Alan's name on it as my Instructor and decided to do an Internet search of "Alan M. Baskin". To my surprise and sadness I learned, through the website of his illness and passing.
Please accept my deepest condolences and know that my life was changed for the better from having known you both.
God Bless.
Pedro P. Bonilla

five tears

The fifth candle has been lit for my beautiful brother but
this was a revelation, the wax in the glass had a blue
streak running through it as if a swimmer was in it and
was slowly stroking around the glass. Always in our hearts
and minds, love, Bonnie & Marty.

Five Years

Thanks you all for your wonderful messages of remembrance. It's hard to believe it has been 5 years since Alan's passing. It seems like such a short time ago. He still is part of my life, in decisions I make and things I do. His high spirit and insights into life remain with us all.

Working at the community college on Tortola and keeping the Magic Castle in good repair for vacation rental take lots of time and Keep me from being bored or lonely! Splash and Brutus, our dogs, give me good company, as well as cat Geisha Girl, who used to lie sprawled across Alan's desk.

Thanks to friend Nick Griffin for seeing that this site has remained available.

Look out for a rainbow today, as that will be Alan saying, "Hi! What a beautiful day!"

Love to all,


Alan Baskin : Ultimate Diving Instructor.

Alan introduced me to the magical world of SCUBA in 1975.
He will always have a special place and significance in my life.
I am grateful that he not only taught me SCUBA diving but also how to laugh at myself and enjoy life.
As I think of him, multicolored sponges, wondering octopuses, king barracudas and infinite visibility visit my mind.

Roberto A. Chabebe,M.D.

Thanks Alan!

I worked for Baskin in the Sun in the early 80's at Kaliko Beach. To this day I have more FANTASIC memories from that short time of my life than all others combined. I was so lucky to have been part of your life-a young kid from Wyoming of all places. I was working in Venezuela when Eva taught Mick Sayers and I how to dive . With your encouragements I quit my job and went on to become an instructor with hopes of being like Alan-with a fantastic life and wife, friends to no end! You taught me well enough that I knew I had to return to Haiti to share life with you. I wasn't working for you because you weren't working. There was no work involved just the application of great passion! It would have been very easy for me to stay with you forever but I learned that I had to make my own way-right or wrong and have no regrets. I do regret not staying in touch. I can't begin to express how important you both were to me. Alan and Eva, thanks for letting me in on the secrets of life-in Magic Haiti!

Brett Baker

Leave Contact Info

Thank you all for your recent messages. It great to hear from people that I have lost track of, but frustrating when no contact info is left. The web site does not allow me to retrieve senders' e-mail address. Please post with your message.

Hugs to all, Eva

The forth candle has been lit for you, always on our minds,
always in our hearts, always remembering not to forget you
and your love of life. Love, Bootsie @ Marty.

We are all holding your hand....

In a very short 10 minutes of morning news...You are the REALEST person to ever touch my entire 41 years of confused life. Speaking very selfishly, may God give ME even just a small taste of the peace you know and may God let the rest of the world "see" through your eyes for one moment...Alan, it is YOU that should pray for all of "us", because, you ARE what we all wish to be. You are all the courage, hope, love, knowledge and strength needed to go onto the next life. Alan, we are ALL holding your hand.
Love...and a tight grip :o)

Dear Eva

We just learned of Alan's passing. Please accept our warmest thoughts. We have many, many fond memories of diving in Haiti with you and him. The day the boat broke down while on a dive and we got very sunburned and dried out til help arrived. Quite an adventure! Dennis was already there one time that I joined him later and I was held up at the airport because I did not know where we were staying, when I hear an unfamiliar voice call my name and I look up into the ever smiling face of Alan Baskin who rescued me from the airport security! Then the time we were on our way to your home from an evening in town and Alan almost hit a horse that was standing in the middle of the road! I dread to think what would have happened to us all in that open jeep had he hit that horse! Everyone has someone watching over them! Thanks for letting me share some precious memories of great friends and great dives in Haiti. Sincerely, Barb and Dennis Graver, Camano Island, WA

like a wonderful idea for others to adopt... why wait until you are dead to hear from your friends. On second thought, why wait for people to die before saying something good about them. So, Roberta, thanks for sharing his love with me. Maybe we can use it to amplify the September 12 initiative for global hope and inspiration we were talking about...

Tom Munnecke

Alan Baskin : ultimate diving instructor.

Alan introduced me to the magical world of SCUBA in 1975.
He will always have a special place and significance in my life.
I am grateful that he not only taught me SCUBA diving but also how to laugh at myself and enjoy life.
As I think of him, multicolored sponges,wondering octopuses,king barracudas and infinite visibility visit my mind.

Roberto A. Chabebe,M.D.

A life well lived

I ran across your web sight tonight, as I was looking for new info. concerning pancreatic cancer. I too lost a loved on to this horrible disease (2) years ago this past July 4th. My brother Kenny Smith was 46 years old and he was a policeman in Texas City Tx..Just looking at your loved one Alan, reminded me of how Kenny started to look whenever the disease took over his body. I am so sorry for all of the pain & sadness Alan's family and friends had to go through. I am so sorry that another person had to die the way my brother did. I breaks my heart to think back to those days, when Kenny was suffering so deeply with pain.

But now Kenny and Alan are home, and they are no longer in pain. Their bodies are like new & they are in paradise, just like those beautiful pictures of Alan sitting by the ocean. Heaven is even more beautiful.

I will pray for the family that Alan left behind.

God bless you all,

Cindy in Texas

Sorry, that I missed you.

I'll never forget the day my son Bill came home from school in San Rafael, California, and said that there was another kid in his class named Baskin--Michael Baskin. That led to our meeting Alan and his family who turned out to be living right up the hill from us, their home in our view. We later met and hung out for a year or so, until Alan and the family all picked up and moved to Grenada. I lost contact for many years, though I heard that they had left Grenada. I lost all contact of where they went. Many years later, I heard from someone that they had met him, but did not know where he was at that time. Ten years later, a patient of mine, I am a Dentist, said that they had dived with him in Tortola and he showed me a magazine article in Diver magazine. I called the number, and after many years talked again with Alan. I had hoped to go down and reconnect in Tortola, but unfortunately, too much time went by and now it is too late. I just learned of Alan's passing while browsing the internet for my own name, when I saw this site and learned of Alan's death. How much I am saddened that I never did get to reconnect with Alan. He was such a great guy, one that I really enjoyed spending time with in San Rafael.

My very best wishes go out to Eva, whom I never had the chance to meet, and to his children whom I did get to know when they were very young. Reading about Alan and all that he accomplished over the years has really been an inspiration. I have thought often, over the years of him, and had always looked forward to seeing him again. Sadly, that will never happen. Someday, I would hope that I will be able to reconnect with his family. All my best, Philip Baskin, Newport RI


this is to my grampa from your grandson oliver i hope u are having fun in heaven it must be very peaceful well i will see you again one day but until then i love u



Hi Alan and Eva

I wish you the best of luck!!!!! May all of our best wishes be with you.


Condolences from Huntly Walker

Dear Eva,

You may not remember me, but I worked for the two of you in the late 80's.

I only saw today in a dive magazine the news about Alan, my sympathies to you all. Alan taught me a great deal, due greatly to what I learnt from him I'm still in the diving industry, now working in Zanzibar.


Huntly Walker


hi how are you

Dear Roberta,

I was so moved by the amazing story of how you and your father found each other. You were truly "soul-mates" and what wonderful memories you now have.

It's been fun getting to know you here at Poynter. Please stay in touch and please know how much these new set of "Ten Commandments" have influenced me!

Love, Jeannie

February 20, 2002

Happy Birthday, Alan. We still remember all you taught us.


Remembering the smile, the laugh and the good feeling of
my sweet brother, love to the family, Bonnie @ Marty.

To Eva

Dear Eva:

I have suddenly across this site through browsing around Haiti and did not know of Alan's death. But this is just to let you know that we and Samantha will always remember you both so very fondly during our time in Haiti, at Ibo, where you were helping Samantha to dive. Lots of memories that will stay with us for ever, which means that Alan will be with us for ever, too.

Love and best wishes,
Peter and Sandra Hall (and Samantha)
Publishers of News of Haiti

The Journey Continues

I am so very pleased to announce a new venture for me in the continued memory of Alan Baskin. I have chatted with Alan & Eva on numerous occassions of putting a Dive Charter Catamaran in the Caribbean. Certainly Alan has infleunced my decisions of how and where this should happen and after seven years, all the pieces are finally falling into place. I am sorry that he is not here to be an active part of this adventure. Please check out my new web site and be forgiving since it is still under construction and the final tweaking is not complete.


The maiden voyage of this vessel to Sail and Dive the British Virgin Islands for one/two weeks this fall, will be a joyous event and I am pleased that Eva will be joining us between Oct 30- Nov 13, 2001. Needless to say the arrangement of fellow divers and friends all have a significant tie to this journey......Alan Baskin. His spirit will be alive and well during this adventure as we share his love of good food, tasty wine, lots of song, great yarns and FANTASTIC diving! Join us, won't you?


"The Queen of the Sea"

Alan and Eva have a special place in my heart.

Having left the BVI in 1987 after running Peter Island resort I focused totally on my new life.

How wrong I was to forget those who I had left behind!

Alan and Eva, you were the sunshine in the BVI. Your enthusiasm, caring and friendship was seen everywhere. I am only sorry it is after Alans death that I am writing this as you meant so much to me, my family and to all those peole that you took on trips.

Thanks for everything.

Jim Davidson

Yes, a whole year and more has passed. As the anniversary approached I was feeling lower and lower. The day before was difficult and sad indeed. But on the actual day, I felt unusually good. Maybe because the tears were cathartic or because Alan was there, dancing and making funny faces as he did when trying to break me out of some sadness. I truly feel as though he has just passed into another dimension. As though I could pass my arm through it and touch him. I feel him watching us and coaxing us on to live a full life and get the most from it.

The anniversary left me with new energy and a return of interest and enthusiasm for living. Where before I could barely accomplish things I needed to do, I am back to a multi-task busy life. Still there are those times of incredible sadness, but not so often.

Thanks to all of you for your loving support and kindness.

Eva Baskin

A year has come and gone since my big brother passed on,
I know he should have had this year with us all but he
could'nt and we miss him so. The memory of him is still
so vivid that I can see and talk to him every day and
laugh, cry and share the good and difficult times we go
thru daily, so besides lighting a candle we will also
raise our glasses tonight and toast Alan for his love of
life, family,friends and all good things.
Love to Eva, Robin, Roberta, Lisa, Michael, Chrir>
Bert Kilbride BVI

I wanted to write a post that both Bert Kilbride and myself Tim Swieckowski are working on some exciting archival researched Spanish shipwrecks, even at his age of 88 years old. I'm a quadriplegic gentlemen in a wheelchair, with a research corporation that advocates " dreams " for founding results through extensive archival repositories in Spain, Cuba, Cartagena on the entire testimony, for success with little risk. Great things happening with satellite imaging.

Feel free to get in touch with us.

My true pleasure-Tim Swieckowski

Fondly Remembered

I'm so sorry that I only got the news today of Alan's passing (Tue June 27, 2000). I met Alan years ago and thought I'd look on the web to see if he had a site. Sadly, my search brought me here.

I met Alan in 1977 when I was 16 years old, in a bar in Port-Au-Prince, Haiti. I was in Haiti visiting my aunt and uncle, who were with the U.S. Foreign Service.

Even though I only met him the one time, Alan made quite an impression on me as a young person. I found him to be such a light-hearted, fun person and a great conversationalist. Most importantly, though still a kid, he spoke to me with respect, as though I were his peer. He didnt talk down to me, as I had come to expect from the "parental generation." I also marvelled that he drank with me without giving me the "big lecture" that a teenager would normally expect from a "grownup"!

Alan told me of his adventures and how he came to be operating a scuba company in the Caribbean. I discovered in talking that, like me, he was also from Cleveland, Ohio! I remember him saying that he grew up off Green Road on the East Side. For a kid who had never before traveled anywhere, I thought it was unlikely to meet a fellow Clevelander abroad.

Anyway, I always fondly remembered Alan and that brief visit. Growing up, I never knew my father, as he and my Mom were divorced and estranged when I was too small to remember. At 16, I was lookin to document my success.

No doubt the seeds sown by you in other lives will now bear their harvest at the times you need it most. Blessings to you through this time. You are one of those few who changed my life forever.

Blessings in Him,

Marilyn L. Flake
PADI OWSI 90487 :-)

To Jim Hagerty

I have thought of you often, not knowing how to get in touch. I wanted to be sure you knew about Alan. Where are you and how can I get in touch? Do you have an e-mail address? Hugs, Eva

Dearest Eva

I just talked to kieth today and he told me about Alan.
Oh the memories..................
What a wonderful thing we had...................
Hope all finds you well and all my love to you.
Love Peace and all Lifes Blessings to you Eva.
Jim Hagerty

4-4-2000 Aloha to Eva & Michael & Roberta- Your dad Made His Impression on Me

Today I was searching the internet on a totally different subject and came upon a page with the name Alan Baskin. I recalled my fond memories of meeting Alan & Eva here in Maui some seven or eight years ago. The memories are warm and loving, with only wonderful overtones. The warm and loving spirit that came from ALAN AND YOU still fill me.

I am obviously shocked at the passing of a great man, one who has left his mark with me.

A loving toast to Alan......

and an open invitation for you all to be in touch.

Aloha and farewell, Alan

Jason Schwartz
Executive Director
DreamMakers Foundation
Maui Arts & Music Association


hi there i am Oto John Smith's and Blanka Smiths sun my dad used to work for Island Paints i dont know if you remeber me or not but id just like to say hi to you all and our email adress is . bes wishes to the family and if you know us please get in tuch. bye

Happy Birthday Alan

Today is Alan's 71st birthday (February 20, 2000). We had a party for him here at the house as usual, with several close friends in attendance. Jayme and baby Leah were also here from St. Eustatius. They return tomorrow. Michael and Claudia called from Sidney, Australia. Robin has just had a knee replacement operation. Roberta took Chelsea to swim with the dolphins in the Florida Keys. We all miss Alan, but celebrated on his behalf and we could feel his presence, orchestrating a good time.

Thanks to all who have thought of him on this day.

Love and hugs, Eva

Brief Encounter

So often, we who enjoy diving interact with those in the industry for such a short time, that single week of fun in the sun experiencing the beauty of the coral reef. Yet that brief experience is a cherished time, and the people who made it possible for us to enjoy assume an importance to us far beyond the few hours that we actually spent with them. It was that way in my experience with Alan. He went out of his way to make me feel a part of things in Tortola. There was a group of U.S. astronauts and space officials concluding their dive vacation as I began mine. As the new single diver in an already established (and quite famous) group, if I had been left to my own devices, I may have felt quite the odd man out. Alan picked me up at my hotel, told me stories about the group and then saw to it that I was introduced all around the dive store and to the astronauts. Throughout that week, even though I was diving from the west end, not the Roadtown location, Alan from time to time checked up on me to confirm that I was enjoying my dive vacation. We had lunch and talked one day,I recall.

I learned of his passing just today, and I was saddened. If he treated all as he did he, he was indeed an rare individual. Despite our brief aquaintance, I shall miss him.

Goodbye to my "BVI Dad"

Eva, I only found out about this website last week while in St. Thomas. Alan was my "BVI dad" in so many ways, encouraging me in my very challenging position as Director of the BVI National Parks Trust. He was always willing to offer advice, both professional and personal, and to even get behind me, as only a father would, when I dragged my heels on stuff. His bright cheerful spirit lives on in my memory, but I think most of all, Alan's passionate love affair with the marine environment, continues to be my inspiration. I know that in spite of the many changes in the marine environment, for the worse, that Alan saw over the years, he never gave up hope that there is much that we can do to save one of Earth's most precious resources. This has been, and will continue to be, my inspiration whenever I get discouraged. I will remember Alan's positive outlook on life, and his love for the sea, and if for no other reason, I will remind myself that I owe it to Alan, never to give up (personally nor professionally) but to do everything I can in the struggle against the destruction of the marine environment. I think of both of you often, and I look forward to seeing you again soon.

Love Always

Nick Drayton

Alan's "Presents"

Happy new year family, friends and extended family...
Jim, Chelsea, Vanessa and I just got back from Tortola where we spent Christmas and New Years with Eva at the Magic Castle. I thought it would be bittersweet. But it was all sweet. Much more laughter than tears. The magic is still there. There were the usual double rainbows and shooting stars. So Alan made his "presents" known. He used to orchestrate the skys from the wrap-around deck... Now he does it from the heavens. On New Year's Eve we partied with friends and stayed up until 4:30a.m! We brought just enough of the usual chaos to keep Eva from feeling those holiday blues. We can't wait to go back and visit... It's always an adventure.
Wishing all of you health, love and joy in your own adventures in the year ahead.
Stay in touch...
-Roberta Baskin

Sweet Spirit

Dear Eva,

I still find it hard to believe that Alan has moved on. I retreat to this web site when my heart becomes heavy to refill it with all the love overflowing from my screen, and then I think of you.

How are you Love? I know it must be have been overwhelming when you returned to the Magic Castle, but you must pace yourself and tackle things one at a time.

Know- that you are loved and missed by those of us who live off island and hold you in our hearts. Remember that you are just a phone call away and are welcomed into our homes without an invite. What are you doing for Christmas this year? Consider spending it with some of your friends. I am certain you will have a million offers Eva, from this web site alone.

Please call me when you have a chance, since Lenny came through I am uncertain if you come out unscathed. I miss you sweet spirit. Come celebrate the magic of Christmas with me! I would be honored.

Peace and Love,

Queen of the Sea

Dear Eva, Michael and family,

What can we say? I needed about a week to absorb the news. We were looking forward to seeing both of you sometime this winter. You just can't let friendships simmer too long. I have such great memories. Maybe it's better that I didn't know; although, I sure would have liked to have some contact during his ordeal.

I read the web siteŰa memorial to a very unique guy. You both have built strong friendships. What a wonderful life Alan had. I don't know why, but whenever I think of him the line from the joke he once told me comes to mind, "Hark I hear the cannons roar," and then I laugh. As a tribute to Alan, I'm going to keep on laughing.

Alan is one of the people I'm glad I knew. I always felt good being with him. I'll miss him and think of him often. He was one of the great huggers (not as good as you).

Eva, what are your plans?

Let's stay in touch and hopefully we'll be in Tortola in Y2K and exchange some good hugs.

Please send me Michaels e-mail address.

Our love,
Bill & Joyce Goldman

With Love to Eva and Family


It was 1982 or '83, I believe, when Stephen introduced Donna and I to you and Alan at Kaliko Beach. I still remember our dives and the beauty that Alan led us through. What I also remember was the love and friendship that was extended to total strangers. You are amazing people with a world of loving friends! You have touched many and Alan's spirit will remain with us all.

I am sorry I did not post this message before he passed on, I was caught on what to say. Thanks, Nick, for this place of caring. God bless and may His and his love be with you always..

Chris & Donna Coffin

Message to Eva and family

We were so sad to hear that Alan had gone, it was a delight when we met earlier in the year here in Grenada.
Such a special guy. You are in our thoughts Eva.

Lots of love
from James and Jacqui Pascall

How I miss you Alan!

Dear Alan and your loving family,

How I miss you and your smiling face. Whenever I would ask you how you were doing, your reply was always the same, "Never better." It brings tears to my eyes when I think that you will no longer be answering the phone or coming out to the boat or just being there.

Know that you are being remembered ever so fondly and often. May your blessings that you so freely gave, continue to reign down on us all. You cannot be forgotten.




Dear Mrs Baskin,

Everybody at Kaliko heard about you and your husband when you were diving in Haiti. Today, we still remember you as if you were part of our Staff. We want to let you know that we have a special thought for you and your Family and that we are praying for you. Your husband will always be alive in our memories.

From the Staff of Kaliko Beach Club


Dear Eva,

I am Jose Roy form HAITI. In the good old times, I was based at Ibo Beach in Port-au-Prince, where I had my Boat Diving and Excursions business. You and Alan were terrific diving at Kaliko with visitors coming from all around the world.
Today, my wife Nicole and I took over the management of the Dive Center at Kaliko Beach under the name of PEGASUS DIVING.
But for us, you two are a LIVING LEGEND! We took the liberty of naming two beautiful reefs in front of Kaliko after You and Alan, because for us your soul is always with us. Alan is alive in our memory, in our hearts and spirit. You are welcome anytime at PEGASUS DIVING if you ever decide one day to return to a place where you two have been so HAPPY once upon a time! It would be a great honor for us all.

Please receive our warmest sympathies,
Nicole and Jose ROY

You are in my thoughts

For you Eva, November 9, 1999, Time 12.18 AM Italian time. Just a little note to see how you are cooping i know it's hard but remember god does'nt give someone more than they can handle you are strong and you have real friends around you please remember this at all time especially in tough times like these. Lot's of love always Pearl & Mario.

Cast and Crew of Scuba World Television Series

Dear Alan,

We will miss your funny stories and infectious laugh. Thanks for the memories, from your fellow "Caribbean Junkies."

Perry & Pat Tong, Producers


I remember the the good old days of tourism in Haiti and your positive impact at Ibo Beach and KaliKo Beach Hotels.

Alan and you always tried to bring me under water , into your better world , to "baskin under the sun"...
It seems like yesterday.
I am sorry to learn the news about Alan. You both had a lot of friends in Port-au-Prince , I will let them know.
Alan will be remembered with his smile , his beard and his legendary "laissez faire" attitude "PA GEN PROBLEM !".

Sympathies › toute la famille .
A bientot , perhaps .

Pierre Chauvet fils (Bobby)

From Renee Pare, Montreal, Canada

I have wonderful memories of Alan, and of you Eva, even though you surely do not know me. I enjoyed several diving trips with you while vaccationing in Haiti. What a wonderfull man Alan was. Full of life, humour, and kindness. He will be remembered. My thoughts are with you and your family and friends.

All my love.



With Love

Eva, I care and I share your pain. I am Thinking of you always.

Love Pearline Vergeer
Tortola, BVI.

I would like to take this time to tell you how much I have admired you and Alan as a a team. Yes, I am sure that he is still with you and you two are still a great team!
I remember vividly my first encounter with Alan during another time of adversity and pain. His attitude as almost as if he was going to a party; exuberantly uplifting everyone else even though I know he was in great discomfort. That encounter alone, not to mention later dealings with Alan, made him my role model for the positive attitude I want to display in my life.
Alan is NOT gone, he is STILL setting the example for us all!

In admiration, Claudia Bishop

Alan made a difference in Tortola, the World

I was previleged to have known Alan Baskin. I was at the time the Assistant Manager/News Director at ZBVI Radio on Tortola and recalled fond memories of interviewing Alan on the start up of his company Bakin N' the Sun.

I vividly recall also interviewing for news items, Alan's quest and successes in deploying mooring bouys for yachts at the various dive sites to protect marine life and also the lives of divers.

Although I left the British Virgin Islands early 1990 to work as Editor in Chief of The Chronicle Newspaper in St Maartn, I kept abreast of developments in the BVI.

On behalf of my wife, Christine and my family, I convey heartfelt condolences to his family. May he rest in peace.

Erasmus Williams
Press Secretary to the
Prime Minister of St Kitts and Nevis
St Kitts

With love from a Buddhist spirit.

From the many praises given to you, I think you must have practiced the Buddhist Way of life. I am the author of "To Please a Chinese Wife" -- just one person, but you have pleased many, many people. With respect, I salute a man who was loved by so many. Edward Frey

A Good Man

I first met Alan as a trainee Customs Officer in Tortola, 1984. Over the years as went by he was always called by the other officers as a "good man" meaning he was one of the people they could trust. There was rarely a time that any officer had to go through his merchandise or manifest with a fine tooth comb because he was always on the level. I left Tortola in 1990 to continue my education at the University of Maryland and presently reside in Long Island, NY. But on my many returned visits back home, I would from time to time run into Alan and Eva.

As I logged on to the Island Sun website and read the eulogy and other kind words at 2:40pm here I am at 5:25pm still reading everything I can from family an friends. As a B.V.Islander I know the B.V.I has a big hole in it right now where one has been taken away from it. But at the same we were blessed tremendously by his presence and efforts in the islands.
Alan, you will live on in our memories and in our hearts.

Paul L. Smith

Warm thoughts

Warm thoughts of a free-spirited couple who helped make diving the fun activity it is. Always smiles and good advice. Best to Eva and the family as you carry on.

Fred Turoff, Philadelphia, PA

Strength from Your Strength

We have visited these pages regularly Eva and found great strength in them as we visit Betty's sister Ellen who is also dying of cancer. Alan was always a positive person through all his personal trials and tribulations. It was sometimes hard to believe him when he said: "I feel just great, never better." But these pages have made us realise that he had an inner strength beyond belief. We hope they will continue to be an inspiration to others who face the final truth, as we all must sooner or later.
With love,
Paul and Betty Backshall

My Inspiration

It was always your talent to find the beauty in everything. It was your endless energy and love for the world, that has inspired myself and many others to always reach for the stars. You have taught everyone of us who loved you, that even if stars seem unobtainable; there is nothing standing in the way of having a fantastic day anyway! Thank you for the sound advice. I will carry it with me always. Love, J.C. Smith.

Just a phone call

I've known Roberta and Jim for a couple of years now and during a conversation they suggested that Alan might be able to help me with a business idea I had, and gave me his phone number. Although he was not interested in getting involved with the project he spoke with me and exchanged email several times giving several suggestions. This for a complete stranger. Magnanimous!

Al Vivino

The Light At The End Of The Tunnel

Hi Alan,
I never thanked you for the "little" things you did for me. I'm glad to have the opportunity to do so now.

THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
You gave me a place to crash when I needed it..Thank you.
You gave me a job when I needed one.....Thank you.
You didn't say a word when it took 5 weeks to deliver "Narcosis Too"...... Thank you.
And when Nancy was a 'no show' the second time , I said to you I felt that the light at the end of the tunnel I was looking down was a train! You said it was absolutely, positvely not a train, that Nancy was just running a little late.You were right. Thank you!!
I know where ever you are headed you are going to certainly stir things up, for the good of course.
Nancy ,(the popcorn lady)and I live in Port ST. Lucie and would love to come down for a visit.Let us know if you are seeing visitors. We both send our love to you and Eva and thank you both for your kindness and friendship when we lived in Tortola.
THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!

Capt Bill & Nancy Hearing

An appetite for life

Having only had the privilege of spending one evening with Alan and his family in his little piece of paradise I feel almost presumptuous leaving a message here. But I will. Alan shone. I could see that as clearly as the sun reflecting off his beloved Little Bay. He seemed to have a giant appetite for life, fearlessly rubbing up against it, ready to accept whatever it had to offer. That, and a remarkable openness, warmth and almost childlike enthusiasm made him someone you instinctively wanted to be near in the faint hopes that a some of his magic would rub off. I join you in celebration of a life well lived.
Godspeed Alan.
Lori Zimring De Mori


We met in April 1977 when you were having some problems with the local government there. My girlfriend at the time, a Danish photographer Winnie Dencker introduced us. Though we only spent an evening together I sensed your magic. Over the years I would flash on you now and again.
Somewhere I came across your name while was getting my Divemaster rating down in Ft. Lauderdale and found out that you were in Haiti.Although we would never meet again in this life, you remain in my heart and soul, there is no doubt in my being that our paths will cross again. I was driving through Nebraska a few weeks ago when for some reason I saw a photo on the cover of a USA Today newspaper that my wife Cathi was reading it was a scubadiver holding a sea turtle underwater. I grabed the paper while driving at 80mph and it was the almost final tale about my dear old friend Alan Baskin. Thanks for letting me know! Hello Eva. Alan I love you!

Always, Michael Casper, Ithaca, New York

You are both forever in my thoughts

Words cannot begin to express how much the insightful and wonderful moments that I shared with you two mean to me. I may be far away in distance but I am not in love, spirit and thought. All my love.

-Kelsey Fischer

I have wonderful memories

of diving with Alan in Haiti and later the BVI. He kept me sane between dive trips, and refreshed my soul. The world was a better place because of Alan Baskin.

Much love to Eva and to the rest of Alan's family.

A Memorial Service To Remember!

Dear Friends,
I thought I would share with you my feelings over the last twenty four hours, since I had the privilege and the honor of bidding a final farewell to Alan and seeing his loved ones once more before they each returned to different parts of the world, to places called home.

The service was short, yet sweet. Alan's children spoke eloquently of their love for their Father and appreciation for everyone who shared in their loss. Individually they recounted different events that shaped their world as a direct result of their father's heart and soul. The ten commandments were reiterated by Roberta and defined as she spot lighted each of them one by one. This time they seemed to take on a different meaning for me, personally.

Eva was beautifully adorned and radiated from within. She spoke of a special sign that Alan left her that morning, a double rainbow over Biscayne Bay. How beautiful! How appropriate and how Alan! Your spirit is definitely alive and well- with us.

Eva then spoke about her undying love and affection for Alan with the same intensity that Alan displayed, and shown the world regarding his beloved, Eva. For twenty five years Eva recounted, Alan told her EVERYDAY that he loved her. In return she did the same and never once left his side. Alan always included Eva in everything he did and made her that special part of the Alan & Eva Team that we have all come to know and love.

Alan had told me on more than one occassion that he met the love of his life when he was close to fifty, (which always gave me hope- that it wasn't too late to find my soulmate). The love they shared was indeed a deep and abiding love which spoke volumes to everyone in their space. I was blessed to be a witness to this for over ten years, not enough time in reality but every minute of it is treasured beyond words can express.

Thank you all for the lovely time we had following the service, by breaking bread, sharing stories, meeting new friends with lots of; You are ONLY great! hugs. Life goes on with or without us- as for Alan's family and friends, we are thankful for the time well spent and will carry Alan in our hearts forever.

In God's Love & Grace,

Queen of the Sea...........

See You On The Other Side

We had you for a short time now it's god's turn to enjoy your friendship. You showed me the best wall dive in Haiti and and opened your home to me and my wife a long time ago.I only wished we could have seem more of you and made more dives together.I'll never forget you Alan Baskin. We Love and will Miss you. Mike & Judi Stewart Miami.


What else is there for me to say? The impact you made on my life will be charished daily. Until we meet again my friend.

Love You. Richard H. Stewart

love of life

you will always be in my heart so you will have never left me.
don liberman

Hello old friends

I've thought of you often over the years, and stupidly never thought simply to look you up over the internet.

Today Jerry Gillies wrote me from prison telling me of Alan's passing and I'm so sorry we never got a chance to heal our friendship. Those were strange times in the days of Interaction Associates and I'm sure we had our effects on each other.

I guess now, our interaction will have to be on other planes.

A bright spot for me is to see that the two of you have made such a fine life together and of course, Eva, I wish you only the very best.

Linda passed away a few years ago, and although we had been divorced for many years we were still close family and I can certainly appreciate what you must be going through right now.

My heart goes out to you and my thoughts are with you.

With love,

Gregg Sanderson
whom you knew as
Dave Robbins


For life and death are one,even as the river and sea are one.
For what is it to die but to stand naked in the wind and to melt in the sun?
And what is it to cease breathing,but to free the breath from it's restless tides,that it may rise and expand and seek God unencumbered?
Only when you drink from the river of silence shall you indeed sing.
And when you have reached the mountain top,then you shall begin to climb.
And when the earth shall claim your limbs,then shall you truly dance.
May God bless his entire family,and am so sorry I didn't get this on the net so he could read this heartfelt passage from

from mike mosettig and annie groer

To Roberta and Jim,

All our sympthy to you at this time. We cannot claim to have known Alan well, except in spirit. But it is amazing how much he has taught us about both living and dying. These are lessons well learned and lessons I am sure you will pass on to your girls and among your family and friends.
Our thoughts are with you, now and whenever we think of a steamer whistle tooting in the Caribbean.

With profound condolences....

Mike and Annie

If only life had more "inspirations" like Alan

I can't keep the story your daughter did on you....out of my mind. I kind of feel cheated...that my path in life never crossed with yours. But I so appreciate the "glimpse" into your life that your Ms. Baskins shared with us.
I have now jotted down one of your favorite sayings and your 10 commandments. By the time you get this'll be in God's arms. That's the place we all hope to be someday.
Thanks Ms. Baskins for your excellent storytelling!

Much Love
Becca Boos
Dallas, Texas


Dearest Roberta and family,

All of our thoughts, prayers, and love go to you on this day of the service in Florida. We wish we could be there to give you all big hugs, but instead send these poems in the hopes that their message may help you, as they have me, in times of great loss.

Roberta you are such a special and dear friend. When we met at the start of my career so many years ago, you embraced me and became also an incredible mentor. Your advice and friendship I have treasured always.

We have lived through so many joyful and sorrowful times together. Of course one of the most fantastic- the finding of your father Alan. I've told the story over and over to so many people I know. What a blessing for you both to have had these times to share. And now upon your loss, I was compelled to call my dad- (who is almost 80 and who regularly asks about you)- to have him recite to me some of the poems he's written that you might appreciate. He told them to us at my mom's memorial service. I only met Alan once- at your wedding, but through your stories, we feel as if we know him as a friend too...





(This is a love poem my dad wrote to my mom when he met her, but I think parts of it somehow may apply to you and Eva and your relationship with Alan.)





(This one was sent to me by a friend when my mom died and it has helped me.)



With warmest love, and great sympathy,

Kathleen, Jaime, Ryan, Allison, Madeline, and Jerry

Granpa Baskin

Wherever you are now, i want to say im sorry i didnt say goodbye to you. i didnt have a chance to se you and give you my kiss and my hug like the way we used to, when you come to visit your grandchilden. you're like a father to me. your so adorable and wonderfuln to me. your the best Grandpa! i love you and i will never forget you. your always in my heart. i will always pray for you. happy trip Grandpa... Granny Eva, my love and prayer is for you too. i was so thankful that i have still this way of communicating with you, without it im probably feel very sad since i cant relay my deep feeling towards you and grandpa.Your the best granny i ever known.. and cool too! Please take it easy, i hope to see you soon.with or without Grandpa.....Again to all of Grandpa's family Roberta the best employer i had, Lisa my best friend, Michael and to the rest...esp. to my Granny Eva. we;re sending our condolence and prayer to everybody. from; Tess and children, Johnny,naneth and family, Eloisa, and from all my friends here in Maryland. Note;Grandpa, please if you happen to see my Dad tell him how much i love him too! thanks............

A Blue-sky Morning

It was a glorious, sunny blue-sky morning in Chicago and the news came. I was sadden knowing that I will not see Alan again in this life time. I will miss that mischievous grin, the recap of his "fish" stories.

I am also relieved that he is in a better place, comfortable, free spirited and probably doing the things he loves best .... his way.

Eva, there is no word that I can express to comfort you, just want to send you my love and wish the best of Alan's memories be with you for a long time to come.

Bob Chi
Helix Ltd

My prayers to my friend and colleague Roberta

I didn't know Alan, but I do know his daughter Roberta, as a woman of great talent, kindness and integrity. And I know through my conversations with her over the past few months, of the great love she had for the father she came to know so late in life.
Roberta, I know your heart is breaking, but please understand that your friends love and care for you, and share your joy in knowing that the Spirit your father embodied, lives on!
Chris Heinbaugh
KOMO-TV, Seattle


Dear Eva and Family,

Your Alan made friends of everyone he met, even during his last days on this earth. But this was only a part of his personality. He will be remembered for his generosity, love of life, and all he did through his out-look on life during his last days.

Losing one's husband can cause a loneliness unlike any other, but having your children and friends near will help ease the difficulty of the days agead.

I wish you all the best and may God be with you always!

Barbara Lewis

Tortola Remembers Alan

Eva, Please know that our thoughts and prayers are with you today. Alan was one of the most special people - with his sparkling eyes and cheery disposition. Just think of what Tortola would be like today if Alan had not lived here - He contributed so much. Know that we will keep his memory alive and well, here in the BVI. As Ever, Nancy Terrell and Dave Cooper

Love to the Baskin Family, especially Roberta and Jim

Dear Roberta and Jim:

We are thinking of you and wish we could do or say something to help. Just know that we are all thinking of you with love, Margie, Robert, Gracie and Brennan

And a Little Child

On Friday family and friends will be gathering in Miami to memorialize Alan. Around the country on Thursday, Friday, Saturday and in days to come dying patients/families will come to this website and deeply laugh at the joy seen here.

Alan made his living in the tourism world leading others in undersea exploration . He made of his death a map which the dying can also easily follow.

Dogs and children seem most comfortable walking along beside the dying. Today I saw a special blessing of this website as a family of several very young children gathered in the room of their dying father whose passion for things electronic keeps him "plugged in" for hours.

For these kids it was the pictures of Alan and family which told the real story. As they excitedly talked of the design of this patient's website, the kids' memories pulled out albums of photographs as candidates for this site. They also had lots of ideas of how it "could have been duded up."

"When he dies we'll forget what he was like" is one of a child's greatest fears. These kids gathered today were living proof that with tools such as this website the brilliance of a young memory can most powerfully be focused on blunting these terrors and causing their past to bloom afresh. I left them drawing their own art works of "family" to be scanned into their site.

Alan instinctively understood that it was for the child in each of us that life's blessings were most abundantly demonstrated. It is likely for Alan's grandchildren, great grandchildren and generations to come that these photos will most warmly resonate.

Cell by tiny cell a wonderful new heart has been created along this web... and the beat goes on!

Rev. Dan McCurry

Dear Eva,

Our hearts and our home are open to you always. Even at a distance, know that in grief and in celebration and the beginning of your new journey, you are surrounded by our love - and that of so many other caring souls.

With love,

Janie and Sandy

Our condolences to Eva

Dear Eva, I would like to send our condolences from the Gardners, Mick, Annie, Jamie, and Sally, You are a special person, All the best to you and your family.
Kindest regards, The Gardners

Inspiration to a fellow SOTS

Alan you have given me the inspiration to follow your fins to a hopefully better Dive Site. Save room for me on the boat.
EVA. I was glad I got to see you and Alan a few weeks ago and sorry I did not wait to meet Michael. I will surely hope to meet all Alan's family next spring In the BVI.
Bert, A fellow friend of the Underwater World.

"baskined" - adj . dying persons at the center of friends' electronic love web

As trauma chaplain in a major metropolitan hospital, I have seen many dying patients in the several days since word of Alan's webpage was announced on national television. I have also visited local hospices where staff/patients were talking of this unique style of electronic celebration of life and of death. In both places there was an immediate interest in establishing similar pages for other patients. This has already begun.

A new word has entered the vocabulary of this profession.
A patient who choses this activity is now being "baskined."

It is so fitting that the name of Alan's passion and business "Baskin in the Sun" has come to symbolize not just those many friends who gathered around him .

Now hundreds of other dying patients whose friends gather on the internet will also be "baskin in the sun" of the love of that network of friends and family which is our only true legacy.

Alan your gift continues!


"Within the cirles of our lives
we dance the circles of the years,
the circles of the seasons within
the circles of the years,
the cycles of the moon
within the circles of the seasons,
the circles of our reasons
within the cycles of the moon.

Again, again we come and go,
changed, changing. Hands
join, unjoin in love and fear,
grief and joy. The circles turn,
each giving into each, into all.
Only music keeps us here,

each by all the others held.
In the hold of hands and eyes
we turn in pairs, that joining
joining each to all again.

And then we turn aside, alone,
out of the sunlight gone

into the darker circles of return."


Eva and all of Alan's family and friends,

We have joined and touched; we were pulled into Alan's circles and have touched and joined so many others by that relationship. We sorrow with you and are happy for Alan now too. And we are still here joined with you in our cycles.... and will change and move and circle to return.

Eva.. you know we're here for you whenever, however....

Linda, Tom and Eric


I think you have touched the very best of many people
and you have taught us a lot in the process about chapters and turning the pages gracefully.
You are in my heart forever.
By the way, Alan what's your new e-mail address?

Our Thoughts are with you, Eva

How quickly time flies once you know its limited. Our thoughts and prayers are with you Eva, and your family.

Keith and Carol Summers
Appleton, WI

To all of Alan's friends and family:

Our family joins with you in remembering a wonderful man, and a great friend, who profoundly and positivly affected the lives of thousands of people. Alan saw amazing beauty in everyone and everything. This was his ultimate gift to each of us and to this world. Even during his last days with us he has united and re-united so many who came together to honor his full and wonderful life. We will miss this man, his voice, his laughter and his smile, and the world will never be the same.
Stephen and MarBeth, Shanna and Chelsea Dunn


Your loss is shared with the world. Please let us know what we can do for you. Ask and it will be gladly given!

For you Eva, have given Alan as well as the world, the greatest gift of all....Your undying love. You shall be honored for the rest of your days.

Please call when you have the time.

Queen of the Sea

I have watched the changes these last days after Christa told me of the inevitable. Our little band of troopers became wonderfully close on the way to Angle Falls and, as is always the case, not seeing you and Alan these recent years is a loss. I am sad for us all... except for Alan who is probably having a ball on the other side.
Without knowing how you are, Eva, but remembering you well, please let me know how you are doing and what I might do to be part of your next and very happy life. Are you well? and,crass as it seems, are you safe financially and with a home and friends? I am there for you and would love to hear from you when you have a moment and there is soem peace and quite.
Love to you, and to Alan
Tony Freedley

Condolences from PADI

Dear Eva,

Our thoughts and prayers are with you and the rest of Alan's family today. Mixed in with my sadness of Alan's departure, is gladness that Alan and you were able to share the outpouring of affection, the celebration of Alan's life and the knowledge of Alan's impact on the lives of so many people.

We'd like to publish a eulogy in the PADI Undersea Journal, for everyone in the dive industry. Whenever you are up to it, if you could choose a photo or two of Alan that you'd like me to use and have someone e-mail a digital version to me, I'll include it.

With deepest sympathy,

Jeff Nadler
and the staff of PADI

The Most Wonderful Father

For those of you who knew Alan Baskin you know he "was only Great". We shall all miss his amazing, incredible presence. I know he was ready to move on,he wanted this. Still selfishly we all hung on to him for as long as he could stay. It is so painful to have to say good-bye. He remains in all of us. His loving spirit will go on. This living/loving eulogy has been a source of comfort to him, the family, friends as well as people who never even knew him. You are all so wonderful to be doing this. Thank you!

Lisa Baskin*

Our thoughts and prayers are with you at this time.

I never knew Alan personally, but it is quite obvious that many, many people held him in high regard. My prayer for the family is that there may be peace in their hearts, that he is in a better place and that he is no longer in pain.
May the Peace of the Lord be with you All especially at
this time. Laurie Hardin

Eva--you are so loved

Dearest Eva, Michael, Roberta and all the family of family and friends,

Yesterday afternoon, I was walking in NYC and a bird hopped in front of me and stopped, looking up with a n expectant look. I thought this was odd but beautiful. Now I know why.

Alan is still with us and always will be -- just as Marty is still with those he loved and who loved him.

Eva, no one can know the extent of your grief. Please. please feel free to be as crazy as you need be. And the one thing that eased my pain was thinking of what Marty loved most about me --my joy of life-- and trying to become that, as much as I was able. It's too soon now, for you, but please know this does help.

I am here for you all, should you need me.

Alan was -- and will be forever-- so much a part of mine and Marty's lives and those of my family.

Perhaps Alan and Marty are inventing something for the benefit of humankind right now!

All my love, annie


When I spoke with Alan on the phone in August, he sounded strong and optimistic about his 'forthcoming journey'. Well, he has attained his goal---we all should he happy for him! However, that is easier said than accepted to those he left behind. No words of condolence can replace Alan's presence. But Eva and his son had the wonderful experience of being with him right to the very end---how glorious! The rest of us were holding his hand via cyperspace---how high-tech!

Alan touched many lives, as witnessed by the hundreds of postings to his website. Eva and Alan's family can reflect on all of those greetings in the months to come and know that Alan was well loved by his friends and acquaintances.

All my sympathy in your great loss-
Phyllis McLaney

P.S. Many thanks to Alan's friend for creating this website!

For Eva

Dear Eva,
Although expected, Alan's death is still such a heart breaking, unwanted event. I had a feeling it would come soon. A seagull has been keeping me company quite frequently. It first appeared outside my window as I was enjoying the sunset reflecting from the ocean. It was strange for a seagull to fly so close to the building.
Sunday, while I was running with the "kids," a seagull sat down in the sand right next to us. As we got closer, it rose in the air, with its body elongating into such an aerodynamic line that even its feet lengthened into what seemed like a line drawing - toes stretching to an infitesimal point.
It circled next to us for awhile, then came back to land near us again. When we got too close to it, the gull again took off, soaring within inches of us. It was so beautiful to watch the gull's body elongate and watch it as it circled and dove. The grace and beauty with which it stretched towards the sky and the freedom of the sea lifted my spirits.
I could not help but think of Alan and his "streamlining" himself in these last two months for his journey. As I watched the gull circle and dive and fly with such beauty and ease I felt that I was watching Alan as he leaves us. And, if I think of Alan with sadness, I will try and turn my thoughts to the beauty and freedom of the seagull and remember that that is how Alan must feel now.
There is no possible way to express what a joy and pleasure it is to have known Alan and to let you know, Eva, how much I love you and am saddened for your loss. Please know you can depend on me for anything at anytime. All my thoughts and love go out to you, Roberta, Michael and all those who knew and loved Alan. Jackie Powell

Our thoughts are with you

Dearest Eva and family,

It is with great sadness that we hear of Alan's passing,
he will be greatly missed by all of us here at Baskin in
the Sun.
He has touched so many of us that have come to know and
love him, His strength, fun, compassion, love and thoughtfulness will live on in our hearts. We will remember him.......always.

Gary Fisher
and all the staff
at Baskin in the Sun, BVI.

To Eva and Alan's family

Dear Eva and family,

Although expected, I am sure everyone who knew Alan and those of us at Baskin In The Sun share in your loss this morning. On behalf of all of us I would like to extend our sincere condolences.

A few days ago I opened an old file and a short poem that was given to me by the daughter of a friend when my wife passed away many years ago fell out. I have had it sitting on my desk.

This is what she wrote to me and now me to you-

Dear Eva,

I hope this makes you feel better and not worse. We all love you and care for you and we will always be here for you if you need us.

Be strong and keep smiling-

Carl Dilley
and all at Baskin In The Sun

Good Bye by Jeff Moss

Saying goodbye
Going away
Seems like goodbye's such a hard thing to say

Touching a hand
Wondering why
It's time for saying goodbye

Saying goodbye
Why is it sad
Makes us remember the good times we had

Much more to say
Foolish to try
It's time for saying goodbye

Don't want to linger
But we both know
Now it's time to go

Somehow I know
We'll meet again
Not sure quite where and I
don't know just when

You're in my heart, So until then...

It's time for saying goodbye

Alan & Eva: still twin souls

Dearest Eva

I know that Alan was ready to go and that you let him go with a free spirit. When Alan talked about you, and he did a lot - you and your life together, all the things you had shared and achieved together were his favourite topics, he said that he was always in love with you, more and more each day, that you were the opportunity of his life and that you were true soul mates. Twin souls, two of a kind. We will all miss Alan's immense energy and fabulous, enthusiastic personality, but in you it lives on.....

God bless you and keep you safe and in peace.


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