Dear Mr. Baskin

I saw the interview that your daughter conducted with you on CBS This Morning. I wanted to let you know that I admire the grace, courage, and dignity that you display. I also love your Commandments, so simple but so very true. May God bless you and keep you.

Susan (Wisconsin)

Better World Institute

Hi Alan,

I trust that upon reaching the next world, you'll find it to be a better one and... if you see room for improvement, without doubt you'll form an institute and do something about it.

Many years have passed since those few memorable moments when we attempted to administer the psychological well being of the masses. I see by the cursory accounting of your life since, that you continued caring for psyches with your well honed sales skill set. I felt compelled to say that my brief encounter with you, Naomi, Mark Huggins and the rest of the BWI gang was life altering. The life ring you tossed me brought me aboard a ship that has taken me where my wildest dreams would not have taken me back then.

Ann still serves lawyers... Dawn is a soon to be married International Marketing Coordinator at Carnival Cruise Lines... Daniel (whom you have had no knowledge of) attends Columbus College of Art and Design on a Dean's Scholarship for Illustration... and I am Director of Sales in North America for a European telecommunications company. Jack Green remained a friend until he passed on and Chuck Harty and I are still partying together once in a while. My autobiography promises to be an interesting read and this will be due, in part, to you identifying a modicum of pontential in 1973.


Joseph Fila



I know you are a fighter and have achieved so much in your life. Remember when you were a recipient at our first awards dinner in 1989 at Prospect Reef Hotel? That was one of many milestones in your life. your work with the protection of the reefs and such will live on forever.

Thanks for all the help with my Mac and your support to all the users in the BVI.

May God continue to bless you, Eva and Roberta.

Nadine Battle
Executive Director
BVI Hotel & Commerce Association

"God Bless You"

I saw you on CBS this morning. You are an inspirtation. God Bless You Alan. May God be with you.



Dearest Alan,

Like millions of other morning news watchers, I saw the broadcast on CBS. I first wanted to hug your daughter for her bravery and secondly, I wanted to congratulate you on your forth coming journey. I look forward to the day that I can be reunited with my family that has passed on but most of all I look forward to the light and the love that will embrace my very soul. You have experienced first hand the wonders of our Lord in the depths of the sea and it is no wonder that you ahve been blessed with such a wonderful spirit. I thank you for sharing your love and light with us. May God Bless you and keep you forever in his care. With a prayful heart I will close. Sylvia Nichols New York State

A Prayer For You

Dear Mr Baskin:

I know little about you and I am almost sure you know less about me. For that reason, I will keep this short.
I just fell into some challenges in my life (9/1loss of job after 21 years due to corporate cutback). At first my wife and I thought it was the end of the world. We realize that so many other people face much greater challanges (as yourself) than we do. Through it all we are depending on our faith in Christ and know he will sustane us. I hope and pray that you and your family can call on that same faith.

Just last week a friend sent me this prayer by E-mail. He did not know of my trials at the time he sent it. Since then, I feel and know things are beginning to turn around. Please, I now offer and pray this same prayer for you.

Dear Father, I ask You to bless my friend reading this right now!
Lord, show them a new revelation of Your love and power.
Holy Spirit, I ask You to minister to their spirit at this very moment.

Where there is pain, give them Your peace & mercy.
Where there is self-doubting, release a renewed confidence in Your ability to work through them.
Where there is tiredness, or exhaustion, I ask You to give the understanding, patience, & strength as they learn submission to Your leading.
Where there is spiritual stagnation, I ask You to renew them by revealing Your nearness, and by drawing them into greater intimacy with you.
Where there is fear, reveal Your love, and release to them Your courage.
Where there is a sin blocking them, reveal it, and break its hold over my friend's life.
Bless them and give them greater vision, and raise up leaders and friends to support, and encourage them.
Give each friend discernment to recognize the demonic forces around them, and reveal to my friends the power they have in You to defeat those forces.

I ask you to do these things in Jesus' name!

In Christian love,
Your Friend in Jesus
TJ in Mobile

Passing this on to anyone you consider a friend, will bless you both. Passing this on to one not considered a friend is something I know Christ would do.

My Family has recently begun the same journey you are on

I am like the millions of people that saw your story on TV this morning. I was deeply touched by you and your family's message.

Our family learned back in July that my dad's sister has terminal liver and pancreatic cancer. The doctors have given her 6 months to live without treatment. We are an extremely close family and this news was absolutely devistating. The thought of not being able to visit, play cards and drink margarita's at the beach with my aunt hurts me deaply.

I have learned one very valuable lesson since I have heard her news. Your message speaks to it as clearly as I feel it. In a strange way it is a blessing that she knows her time is limited. We all could die tomarow and in spite of it we continue to go through our lives worring about what car we drive and how much money is in the bank. My anuts news has brought about some amazing results. Friends, family and co-workers have appeared in droves. She has and continues to spent her entire life giving to everyone one she mets. Her courage is amazing. I only hope that I can live my life in health as well as she is living hers in sickness.

People like you and my aunt are truly amazing. Hearing your message reminds me that life is short so...

carpe diem (sieze the day)

Weaverville, NC

amazing man

I applaud you on your courage and zest for life. From what I've read you have lead a fullfilling and exciting life. I believe that your next dive will be one that will top them all. A dive into the great blue heavens. God Bless!

Gordon Overing

Thank you for the inspiration....a gift from above.

From Las Vegas Nevada....I paused today and watched how your spirit of life came into my house. Life is like a parade...we can only see the parts that are passing before our eyes, yet have faith that around the next corner we will be in view of even more spectacular experiences.

Thank you for reminding us that death is an opportunity...both to remind those around us how to live today, and how to look forward to Heaven that He has promised us.

It is apparent that you have touched many, and will continue to do so for a long, long time. My prayers are with you for continued peace and comfort during this time.

Living in His Grace,


The Pearly Gates

Alan, when you get to the Pearly Gates and God asks you,
"Why should I let you into my heaven?", what will your answer be? Do you know the answer? There is only one right answer. If you don't know that answer, NOW is the time to find out. If you'd like to know more, send me an e-mail and I'll share the wonderful news with you.

To Mr Baskin

Dear Mr. Baskin;
My message is short and sweet. My God continue to
Bless and keep you,and make his light shine upon you.
God bless you,
Pamela Hammock,LA,Ca.

What A Guy!!

I only caught half of your interview this morning on TV as I was getting ready for work. I think your commandments caught my attention, what a great way of thinking. I am going to try them myself, I get so caught up in the daily duties in life, I forget to live, so for that I say thank you. I would also like to say that in my opinion most people dont know how to face the fact that a loved one is dying and they whisper around that person instead of saying and enjoying the time that is left. And you are so right, why have the darn funeral when the person is dead already. Not only are you "enjoying" these last days but you are helping your family and friends to cope as well. I look forward to meeting you in the next phase. Best wishes to you and your families, hugs and kisses.


Dear Alan
I am a nursing Student at Thiel College in Greenville, Pensylvania. I have seen and dealt with many sick people. I have that there are two kinds of sick people. Those that have consumed all that is wrong with them and left the good of the world out. They choose to die mental before there bodies do. And there are those that consume all that is wrong with them and all that is good in them. You Alan are one of those. I was with my fiance's grandfather when he died of cancer. It was one of the hardest things I ever had to go through, I think it was harder for the family than it was for him to let go. Just remember that your life is not over, in some ways it has only begun. You are an angel on earth and I believe will make a beautiful angel in heaven. You are in all my prayers and in my dreams, so that I will have the strength and courage that you have.

Jessica O'Toole
Thiel college
Greenville, Pennsylvania

P.S. You have a beautiful smile, always show it off.

Dear Mr. Baskin:

I saw your story on the CBS news this morning. You are a very courageous person. It must be wonderful to be surrounded by so many that love and admire you. I hope that you know that the one who loves you the most of all is God. If you are His child, you have waiting for you the most wonderful experience of all, that will last forever. All you have to do, if you haven't already, is ask Jesus into your heart and be the Lord of your heart and life. God loves us so much that He gave His only Son to die in our place and to pay for our sins. He wants all of us to be in heaven with Him and this is His way of giving us the choice of where our souls go. I see from numerous other messages that lots of others have wanted to make sure that you know Jesus as your personal saviour. We all want to see you in heaven and get to meet you and hear of all your wonderful adventures. After all, we will have eternity to visit. It would be nice if somehow, you could let us know what your beliefs are in this regard. John 3:16 says this:
For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth on Him should not perish, but have everlasting life. Kind of nice to know. Best wishes to you and your family. Sincerely, Jenelle, Lansing,MI

Dear Alan and Eva:

Alan, what a privilege it is to, in some way, be part of your eulogy, but more so to be your friends.

Our first contact was many years ago when you purchased windows for your castle in Tortola from me. Upon completion of shipment and installation of your product, I heard nothing from you until I received your heartfelt letter of thanks.

My company shall remain un-named so that this message to you and Eva is non-commercial. However, I must re-write a portion of your appreciative letter to show the world the type of man you are.

"I cannot tell you how impressed I am with the wonderful workmanship of your company. We built our dream house four years ago overlooking one of the most beautiful beaches in the world and used your product throughout. I am so pleased with finding a product today that surpasses ones expectations, that I felt I had to tell you personally of my pleasures with you company."

Most people, and I first, would simply have been grateful to purchase such a high quality product. But your inner beauty, Alan, forced you to take the time to write me about how grateful you were. What a difference!

I want you to know that thousands of people worldwide have read this letter. And, many times, your letter serves as a letter of testimony of strength and quality of our products.

We were privileged to visit you and Eva last week in your last resort here in Miami Beach.

You will always remain in our hearts as the best example of how to effectively and efficiently use the Lord's products of courage, acceptance, compassion and the determination to smile regardless of the circumstances of the situation.

Aside from being a satisfied customer, you have made a tremendous impact on my life and I am grateful for it.

You and your family will remain in our hearts, minds, and prayers eternally.
Best regards Eva and Alan. Thank you, Roberta and to all those who have worked so hard to allow the world to share Alan's happiness and the opportunity to show him our appreciation.

Your friends forever

Lise and Gaston Boudreau


Alan,so many wonderful messages. What a gift your friend and you, have given all of us. With deep respect and love, I honor you. Judy, Seattle

There's Always Hope!

Dear Alan,
I saw your daughter this morning on CBS News. Although we've never met I could tell imediately that you are a very special person. The world can't afford to lose someone with such a great outlook on life as you have. I was diagnosed with MS in 1994. I was resigned to the medical fact that there is no cure.I had gotten to the point that I could barely walk, and was so fatigued that merely getting out of bed in the morning was almost impossible. Then I came across a website called Here I learned of a way of eating which God intended for us. After all, he made us and who knows better how to maintain our bodies than him? I now am able to bike every morning! I have so much energy that it's unbelievable! No more numbness or tingling of hands and feet, just to name a few miracles! I have only been following the program since Aug.9th,1999. Family and friends can't believe the change in me! I am also a nurse and found the information I found on the website to be too good to be true, especially after reading the testimonials of people with terminal cancer who no longer have any trace of the disease!One man was only given 5 wks. to live! Well, I won't take up any more of your time, just please check this out! You will be surprised.
Your Friend in Christ,
Judith K. Grimaldi, Orlando, Fla.

To Alan and family

Having not met you I know not what to say. But having felt your courage and hope through your words I was inspired to let you know that you are in our thoughts each day. I hope that when my calling comes I can look at it without fear and with peace and comfort as you do.

To Eva and the family I have a verse that I would like for you to have.

God saw that he was getting tired and a cure was not to be,
So he put his arms around him and whispered "Come with me",
With tearful eyes I watched him suffer and saw him fade away,
Although I loved him dearly, I could not make him stay.
A golden heart stopped beating,
Hard working hands were laid to rest,
God broke my heart to prove,
He only takes the best.

Zoe, Clyde, Xante, Kian and Kai

My Friend Alan

Dear Alan:
We have never met, yet i feel like i've known you all my life. I turned on the TV this morning and saw your couragous daughter tell us of your increatable life. It takes a special man to do what you have done,to break away from the boardom of every day life,and follow his dream to a special place, and a wonderful sport.( scuba Diving). When i was a kid growing up in the fifty's My favorit show was sea hunt staring loyid bridges, i'am sure you remember that . I started diving in 1966-67 when a dive course was about 35 dollars. i've been diving ever since, it's a wonderful peaceful calming sport that transforms you the minite you step on the boat. It seems to me that divers are friendly happy people with a special love for the sea and for nature. After a day on the water you could see the people faces happy and smiling. YOU have that happy smiling face Alan that i've seen so many times before. Thats what i ment when i said that i've known you all my life. I hope we get to meet someday, even if it's on the other side i would like to see your happy smiling face while we exchange diving stories, that would be great. I hope i can do what you have,done someday.I think you have inspired Many people to change, i can tell by the amount of letters you have received. I want to wish you well and all of your family and thank you for being a friend to me and so many divers around the world.
Good luck to you &
God bless you.

Your Diving Buddy: Dennis Gallina
Fort Lee, NJ

Where will you go after you pass on ?

Dear Mr. Baskin
You do not know me, but I am glad you led a happy life. But have you considered that there is a heaven and there is a hell. Hell is a lonely and painful place but heaven is beautiful and peaceful beyond anything you could imagine. The only way to heaven is to accept Jesus as you Lord and Savior. He is the son of God who died for our sins. There is no other way to heaven but through the son of God. Please consider this because after you pass on it is to late. Please read a Bible and start with John 3:16 Please I plead with you after you pass on where ever you go is forever (eternity). Please.
From someone who cares for your soul!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

In Jesus Name

The spirit of living

Hi Alan
I did not see the CBS special, but just finished reading letters and applaud your adventure in life. I am a cancer survivor and 3 years ago received my "wake up call" for living each day. I have always been a believer in following your vision for life on earth and was lucky enough to work my way around the world. Just finished my travel memoirs. What you have to move on to the final journey is a bless-
ing many people look for and you've shared that legacy.

May your final days be of peace and contentment. God bless you.

Shirley -

A Living Eulogy: What a great gift.

Dear Mr Alan Baskin:

I saw you this morning on CBS as I had just finished my daily prayers. At first I was a little depressed, but after seeing your story my spirits were soon elevated. I am truly convinced that God allows individuals to cross our path to serve many purposes. Some will teach us meaningful lessons, others will help us to figure out who we are or who we want to become. This morning God gave me "you". Nothing happens by chance all occur to motivate the spirit. I want to thank you for your gift to me. You are a delightful inspirator who says "create your own life and then go out and live it".

You have even inspired me to have the courage to appreciate the obstacles. Every moment that we are given here on this earth is precious. You are blessed to have a good life. Most of all you are blessed with loving friends and family members who show how much they care by giving you" A living Eulogy. What a beautiful concept! I would love to give you a gift, there is a book by Dr Andrew Weil "Health and Healing and Natural Health, Natural Medicine. God Bless you and yours sincerely,


your story and your passion are shared by many. my first dive in paradise was in the bahamas almost 30 years ago as a young teenager. i did not have the opportunity to dive with you, but have followed you in various readings. your comments in the atlantic coastal diver magazine about your first dive, WOW and you were hooked, is common to all who have explored the underwater world with amazement. The water is a peaceful and intriging place to have spent the better part of your life, I am certain it has contributed to your philosophy of, and positive outlook on life and death. Peace be with you and your family in your final days here on earth.
a fellow diver

Commandments to Live By

In her very special tribute to you, Roberta only gave us your last commandment to live by and stated that if we want to know the other we would have to visit the web site. I cannot find them and I am very interested.


Dear Alan I am an AIDS educator and sadly have been involved with saying goodbye to way too many good people who leave earth in all too brief a stay. I found the following to be very helpful. The concept of death is much like this-When I was a child there were many times I would fall asleep in the car on the way home from a visit with my grandma. My father, not wanting to disturb me would gently carry me from the car to my bedroom. I would wake up the next morning in my cozy bed with no recollection of having been moved. All I knew was that I fell asleep in one place and woke up in another-blissfully dreaming about who knows what. That's what death is to me, and this concept feels absolutely sane and sensible. Good Luck to you and yours. Lynn

Thank You!

I saw your story on tv this morning and I was really moved. And when I read some of the messages that were posted on your web page,I was filled with an overwhelming feeling of peace and love. Thank you.

I know there is a better place and when my earthly life is
over, I pray I have the strength and courage to handle it as well as you are. You do not know me, but I thank you for your life. I thank you for making a difference in other peoples lives. Your message is a true inspiration. I pray all is well with your soul. May you allow God to continue to bless you.

A Friend in Christ.

Tribute to A Wonderful Life!

I also saw your daughter on TV this morning and thought that it was a very touching tribute to you. May God always be with you! You are in my thoughts and prayers. I think that you are a very courageous man. Here's to living a dream!
Karen, Port St. Lucie, FL

Dear Mr. Baskin,

Like so many others I saw the feature about you on the morning news. I have nothing terribly different or original to say that will make this message stand out from the others you'll receive and have already received. I just want to wish you much love and joy as you prepare to embark on earth life's final adventure. May the love and thoughts of all the people who have visited this site serve as a cozy blanket of continued peace.

What a man you must be to have inspired a daughter to do a loving feature about you and your philosophy of death, a friend to create this web site as a tribute to you, and so many people who you have known or have never heard of to share a moment of a their busy days to send you greetings!

May God surround you with love and may His angels wrap their arms around you as you continue along your path. I'll be thinking of you often in my prayers.

Roberta Essary


Hello Dear Alan!

Your life has been FAAANTASTIK ! just like every dive we made, remember ?

When I grow up I want to be like you! I am one of your first students on 1974 when your instructor No was # 4581.

Your dear friend from Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic; Ramon Prieto.

I have been asking for you since many years ago and had sent you messages. Few years ago I was in Tortola sailing with my family and friends and tried to see you but they told me you had sold "Baskin in the Sun" and was retired in a beautiful house in the mountain.

I received the USA TODAY here in the D.R. but most of the issues do not have the time to read. This past weekend, I took this special issue (Sept. 20,1999 without knowing what I was going to read) to our hotel El Portillo Beach Resort in Samana. From there I rode my bicycle with the newspaper to a house I am building right on the the beach. Sat down along for a while in a shadow to watch the ocean, then decided to read this old issue of USA TODAY with your article. I was surprised and my eyes went back to the sea.

I believe the ocean made me communicate with you.

I feel very proud to have met you and like to thank you for the great moments you provided me (specially your friendship) while you lived here in the Dominican Republic.

You are very lucky to have Eva next to you.

Could I visit you in my next trip to Miami? Can I call Eva? phone No?

My Email is

"Besos y Abrazos"


Living life to the fullest

Dear Alan,
You don't know me, but I felt like I had to write you.
Yoo see, I jhave cerebral paly, the doctors told me all my life that I wouldn't amount to anything. My reaction to this was just watch me. In short, I have made my life just what I wanted it to be. Now I have my own business and I am respected in my chosen field. You see, Mr Baskin, I belive life is full of choices. I believe that you and I are alike in many ways. I am enjoying my life,
and by all accounts you are too. Enjoy....

Mike Haines
Kelowna, British Columbia

What an inspiration you are!

Mr. Baskin,
You don't know me and never will. I am a 50 year old single mother of 2 teenagers. However, I saw your story on CBS today and the interview with your lovely daughter. Then I went to your website and read some of your letters that you have so graciously shared with the public. Tears came to my eyes when I read what you had to say. I think the world has been blessed to have been touched by your spirit and I can see it will live on and on and on in thousands of people. I linked your website to 6 of my friends to share. Can you imagine how many people you have reached and reminded of that we need to live in the present, follow our bliss, live in integrity, and then dying can come easy, with peace, just the next step in the program. My life has not been easy and seems to be constantly plagued with problems. You are a reminder of all the good things out there to enjoy and not to waste so much time in regret and paralysis and in the safety net of the known.

Thank you for sharing your life and thank you to your good friend Nick Griffin and daughter Roberta.
Happy next journey. Linda H. from Irvine, Ca.

Living Your Dream

Mr. Baskin,

What a lucky man you are to have lived your dream. All of us should take a hard look at what we are doing with the time we have left on this earth. Good luck to you in your final journey. May it be the best ever.


My God hold you in the palm of his hand.

My mother in law passed away with pancreatic cancer several years ago. I never thought much about dying until I participated in her death. For many years she was a resident nurse involved in girl scouting. The last night of her life many of "her girls" came to be with her. During her last few hours, they sang songs they used to sing together around campfires and remembered the good times they shared. She went peacefully, painlessly, and with great dignity, surrounded by those who loved her. Like you, she loved and cherished life, but also was unafraid and ready for the adventure ahead. She knew, beyond a doubt, that her physical body was nothing more than a mere shell, holding a soul that would soon experience a freedom undreamed of and she looked forward to that experience with the same exhuberance that she lived her life.

I just wish that society would look on death as a rebirth instead of an ending. I think you have made us think more along those lines.

You have given all of us a wonderful gift through your daughter who has told us of this. God bless you and her, and Godspeed on the fantastic journey ahead


God Bless

God bless you on your new journey. You will be forever in my prayers.

Your support and assistance to me were greatly appreciated.

Denise Hewlett
Financial Officer/Executive Assistant
BVI National Parks Trust


My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family at this time of celebrating your life. You are indeed a lucky man, to have this opportunity to say goodby to your family and friends and I am sure that this will make it easier on them as well, although they will miss you, they will also know that you will be at peace
God Bless
Peace and love be with you and your family

Dear Mr. Baskin

Thank you!

Des (MO)

Nicki & Gigi from Haiti


Greetings from your diving friends from Haiti! How wonderful our times were diving the beautiful Golfe de La Gonave and sharing special moments (including those great bottles of Barbencourt Rum) on the patio of Kaliko Beach Club. Thank you for the memories and God Bless you.

Nicki Duryea (the tiny, teen blond ---- ahhhhh.....those were the days!)

live life to the fullest

Dear Mr.Alan

My name is subha and i heard about you on tv. It was a nice feeling when i read about you and your words on this site today. You made me feel that you really made justice to the words 'live life to the fullest' .

I am from india and came to U.S.A six months ago after getting married. Just hearing about you filled my thoughts with enthusiasm and joy. I am planning to do a lot of things i wanted to do and just be happy with what god has given me. You touched my life today even though we have never met in person.

My prayers are with you and so are my wishes for everlasting peace and joy...






Dear Alan,

I recently lost my Father, & was absolutly amazed at his attitude with the dying experience. I learned a lot from my beloved Father and now realize it is the people left behind that suffer, and maybe from their own feelings of despair. I miss my Father very much since the last 5 years of his life he had lived with me. I also believe his attitude came from his religious beliefs.
Makes me wonder if I will ever reach the same heights of understanding that he had. After reading the messages posted on your web page I believe you are also of the same attitude, but maybe for different reasons. Most of us are so wrapped up in our own lives that it is a real learning experience to be associated with someone with true understanding.
I always knew my Father was a very religious person, who also did not push his children into something they rejected. I'm ashamed to say I took this as a sign of weakness for so many years. His last years with me were a joy for me.
So I applaud you for your attidute and for making the most of your last years, and I wish you continued strength.
Thank-you so much.


February 27, 1998 my grandmother passed on to celebrate her next life. She had suffered through non-Hodgkins Lymphoma (cancer) for two years. The doctors gave her only a couple of months. She also had a great support group that helped her to celebrate her life not mourn her disease. What an inspiration you are to us all! My grandmother was a very interesting, talkative and energetic person........say hello for me and tell her I love her!!

Thinking of you...

My 87 year old father just had an emergency cornea transplant last week. When I saw your daughter lovingly talking about you this morning, I thanked God for my Dad and thanked God that you experience the love of your family and all your friends around the world, known or never met.
I wished our paths had crossed. You must be wonderful.

You will more than cross my mind...I guarantee.

Ellen E.
San Diego


Hello Alan,

I watched the cbs news this morning. I find your courage inspiring. I would also like to say that you must be very proud of uour daughter Rebecca to be able to do such a piece with dignity and class. The glory of heaven awaits, god speed.

Please read

You have lived a life most people would give their right arm to live. The beauty you have seen under the waves must be indiscribable.
You have a peace and contentment that is admirable and the friends that have written you must be very uplifting. I am a 42 year old husband with 3 children nearly grown. I am disabled with early onset parkinson's disease. I am happier than I have ever been and wanted to share with you the source of my happiness. You have seen the beauty of God's creation. Have you ever recognized the Creator? It would seem to me to be a contradiction to have seen so much of God's beauty and not recognize God. For God so loved the world that He gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believes on Him shall not perish but have Eternal life. The choice is yours. Believe that Jesus is the Son of God and that He died for your sins and have eternity with God or reject Him and spend eternity in hell. Do not be deceived by the love of the world. When the final hour comes it is the love of Christ that will make the difference. He is the Savior of the world, but we must accept Him and the price He paid for our sins. Do it His way and live. I know of that which I speak. 16 months ago I was ready to give up. I was ready to crawl into a bottle and never resurface. God had a better way. It is never too late to accept Christ as your Savior until you have drawn your last breath. After death, you will know the truth and will want to be with God but through your own choice it will not be possible. Today is the day of Salvation. Don't reject the God that has shown you so much beauty over the years. It is not too late. I could see the love that your daughter has for you pouring out on TV. She loves you very much. Jesus loves you even more. I pray that you will make the right choice. There is a Hell. It is a lake of fire prepared for the devil and his fallen angels. All who reject Christ will spend eternity in that lake of fire with them. Please,accept Christ today. Those who call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved. Take shelter in Christ. None of us are good enough or deserve what Christ did on the cross. He took on all the sins of the world and died for them, and on the third day, God raised Him from the dead and He now sits at the Father's right hand. The Price has been paid and the victory won. Accept the gift and live. I write this out of love and the compulsion of the Holy Spirit.
I am a friend

Grace to you in the Lord Jesus Christ.

Dear Allan,

It was a great pleasure to here your story on the news this morning. Though I have'nt met you I am sure it would have been a pleasure. You are blessed with many loved ones who respect you and that says much about your charactor. I admire your love for life as it is an encouragement for me and coutless others. God has created a beautiful world and desires for us to enjoy it. However, life can evan be sweeter when you have a relationship with Jesus Christ, God's son. He died on the cross to pay the penalty for our sin so we could spend eternity with Him in paradise. This wonderful truth has changed my life. I pray you,too,will experience this wonderful relationship with Christ. Please get you hands on a bible and read the scripture some others have noted in their message. May God be with you as you seek His face. Please call or write any time.
(580)668-3252 ;

Sincerely, Monte E. Dean

Miami Remembered

Dear Alan,

Yes, I too saw the piece on CBS this morning, and immediately struck with utter poingnancy of it all, but at the same time, your unbridled optimism struck familiar chords in my memories of our time in Miami in the 70s.

Literally and figuratively, there has been so very much water pass over and under us since our association in "Better World Institute." I've loosely followed you over the years through our old friend John Coleman, who I'm sure will be in contact with you after he's seen this Website. It is obvious that, in so many ways, you have found the kind of life and ultimate peace that you always said you wanted to have.

God bless you now and tomorrow.

Mike McGoffin

What a lucky man!

Dear Mr. Baskin,

My name is Heidi Scott and I live on Cape Cod, in Falmouth MA, I am a single mother of one boy , Jarrod, who is 10 years old.
I honestly have no idea who you really are but while I was getting ready for work this morning I watched & I listened while your daughter Roberta shared her life and yours with the world. I was deeply moved.

Mr. Baskin, I lost my Father at the age of 17 to a tragic car accident. There were no good byes or any meaningful reflections on days gone by.
I just felt the need to come to your website to let you know how very lucky you are to have this chance to say goodbye. I can only imagine there is so much to say and do before meeting your maker, but by the very short version of your life attached it appears as if you have lived and loved life to the fullest. There is a certain sparkle in your eyes even today as you await your destiny that tells an awful lot about a person. I can see that you have touched many in your days here on earth and I bid you farewell on your next journey. Mr. Baskin, in my heart I know you will not be alone, for the same sparkle you behold I once saw in my own Fathers eyes.

Mr. Baskin, My thoughts and prayers are with you and yours at this time in your life.


Heidi Scott

I care.

We may not be able to cure, but we can care. Kathy

Happy Life Celebration

Alan, I saw you and your daughter this morning on CBS. It was wonderful to see you approach death in such a positive manner. Just to see that smile made me know that you were very much at peace. My husband died last November with cancer and his approach to death was much the same as yours. He was determined to spend as much time with friends and family as possible. He finally had the time to do that.
You are right in that you have time to celebrate your life instead of having your life snatched from you. I greatly admire your courage and the courage of your family. Wishing you and yours the best!!!


Alan & Eva
Saw the article in the USA Today and so many memories of the times and long talks we have had came rushing back. As you know my years at Prospect Reef will always be the best because of people like you. Of course your name will always be a part of us and all you have done for the BVI will never be forgotten. I am a certified diver because of you. You know, you will always be special in my heart, and I will always remember the most gracful man you ever want to meet. Hang in there my friend, and Eva my prayers are with you and the entire family.

Love you both.
Lynette Harrigan
Product Manager
BVI Tourist Board


Dear Alan,
I beleive God will welcome you with open arms.....
You are an inspiration to all.

T. Miller
Tulsa, OK

From someone you touched today...!!

Alan: I watch CBS news every morning, and was especially moved this morning by Roberta's segment, regarding you, your current medical condition, and your positive attitude on life, death.

Your story has hit home with me! My family history has been nothing but turmoil for over 30 years. I am the oldest of 3 brothers, with two living elderly parents. To make an extremely long story short, My brothers and I do not have a relationship with my parents. Thank God my brothers and I have tried to maintain some family unity.

My father had cancer of the panceres. Part of it was removed, but he has lived with pain. From what I know, he is now diabetic, but recent news has suggested that he may be dying of cancer. Most recently, I watched my 76 year old father-in-law wage a valient battle aginst cancer, right till the end. You reminded me of him.

Having heard the relationship you now have with your immedidate family, especially after a long absence, is encouraging. I struggle every day with this. So much time has gone by, sometimes, it feels as if my parents have already gone. Can you offer any words of wisdom, from your experience?

Life is such a precious thing, time is truly of the essence. The fact that you and your family have reconciled, let the past go, and live for the moment, is truly inspiring.

Your family is blessed to have someone like you. Your legacy will speak in volumes of the people you touched. I hope I will have just an ounce of the courage you have.

God bless you for the person you are.

Things to remember

Remembering things,
The fun, sad, and touching things,
Your reason to live.

Your ideas have touched.
They have helped other people.
You were there for them.

With needs piling up,
With problems being hard,
We'll be there for you.


At Peace

Hi Alan,
I heard about you on the CBS News this morning
and I just wanted you to know that I am keeping you and
your family in my thoughts and prayers and that because
of you (a total stranger)I feel more at peace this morning
than I did when I woke up.
Thank you and God bless!
John Thorne

May Your Day Be Bright

Just a message from someone you do not know but wants to encourage you because you have seemingly encouraged so many others. May God continue to give you His grace and joy and may He live within your heart. Take care and have a day to remember! Karen Schmitt Gooding, Idaho

From Sabra and Joel

Alan & Eva,
After Roberta's piece this morning, we sat quietly for a minute, absorbing the pictures of you, what you said, how you looked, feeling indescribably moved and very close to you both. I guess we thought that was because we've all spent so much time together in Paradise. I came upstairs to the computer to tell you how amazing and inspiring it was to see you on TV, and was absolutely flabbergasted to find SO MANY people had beat me to it! And all of them people who have never met you. Their messages simply took my breath away. I scrolled down, and when I got to the one from someone named Patti, who said she's been "living to die" until she saw how you're handling death, I actually started to cry. And then there's one from Evelyn, who said your TV spot made her "no longer afraid to pursue my dream." Can you believe it? While I was reading, I realized I was no longer thinking of you as sick, or weak, or ailing, I was thinking, yep, that's Alan, he's always had the power to show us all what it truly means to LIVE FOR THE MOMENT.
It's no small thing to add such a remarkable chapter to your life, just when most people would expect to be done with new and daring feats. And we've always thought the bat guana adventure was your best story!
And of course we know you've always wanted to be a testament to a Cher song.
I agree with something posted by a stranger, that everyone had already said all the things I wanted to write to you -- how loving, how inspirational, how brave you are. So the only words I'd add at this point are: take it all to heart. Every message, every line, every word. Take it all to heart. You are amazing.
And thank you thank you thank you for Roberta. She is amazing, too. You done good!
Much love, Sabra, Joel, & baby Charlottte


You have great spirit. And it will live long. I would'nt give up on a cure, use your resources and search the net!

cindy, a "melanoma" survivor


Mr. Baskin, much love I send to you and your family. I don't know you, but I wish I did. I so admire people who live their dreams and accomplish so
much. I believe that we are all brothers and sisters in this life, and what a glorious reunion we shall all celebrate in the next!

Enjoy today from the moment you wake
Baskin the number of friends you'll make
Oh what a blessing to feel such love
And know that its sent from God above

See there, you inspired me to write this little poem.
Isn't it awesome how He brings us all together?
I would pray for His peace to be with you, but I can see that it already is. Please remember me in YOUR prayers.

Love from your "sister"
Jeannie Marie

Upcoming Information

Upcoming Information

Dear Mr. Baskin:
I have watched your daughter Roberta on the news at times and am saddened for her and with her because I know how hard it is to have to let go of a
beloved parent.
My purpose in writing to you is different. You are absolutely right in seeing your upcoming transition as a birth, but it may be a little different than you
think. The change coming to you can be very good or very bad, depending on the choice you make before you go. You have probably guessed by now that
I am going to preach to you about the afterlife--namely, the reality of Heaven and Hell. You are correct, but I hope this doesn't come across as disgustingly
Many people struggle in this life to find its purpose/meaning, and they never realize that our goal is to
find our way back to the God who made us and loved us enough to die in our place. If you don't bow your knee(s) in this life and receive His Son, Jesus
Christ, as your Lord and Savior, there will be no place for you in the next
phase of His plan for you, and the world will have lost a very wonderful man--but for you, the spark will go out eternally. Actually, the wrong kind of
blaze will have been lit, and from the sound of things, you would be someone we all would grieve deeply to lose.
I would love to hear that you have made that choice--it
has been 25-1/2 years since I made it, and I have never regretted it in the least. I guess this is an invitation to come join our family. Please don't let the devil
win in
this most important thing you will ever decide.!! This is something you have to decide on before you go, so choose
life and discover the wonderful stuff of forever that is out there. I am looking forward to the day when I will be reunited with my friends and family and
discover all the other people that we get to live forever with. I miss my son VERY much (he burned to death in a car crash at age 15 in 1995), and am SO
glad that I didn't let all the devil's
advocates talk me out of the truth, and out of teaching him
about Jesus and His kingdom. He made it in and I'll see him again.
You have been given some time to think about your own future--something many people don't get. Please use this time that you have left wisely. I would
love to meet you in the hereafter and discover all the neat things God has done for you.
My love and prayers are with you.
Margee Hamilton
My e-mail address is
I hope to hear from you, but if I don't, I understand.

Your Legacy

Hello Alan,

After watching Roberta this morning, you must know that much of your legacy is in her. Many of us in "TV LAND" watch her, admire her skills but you surely must be proud of her career and her life. She celebrates you!

With hope that you enjoy your time with us.

Rosemary Front (West Virginia)

I just saw the report about you on CBS. I had heard of you before, and what stood out in my mind is that you were a business man who decided to give it all up to do what you loved. You showed me we are only as rich as our heart is truly fulfilled. I have often asked myself would I be happy doing what I do if it weren't for money? NO! But, I have to continue with my work. I am not as fortunate as you were, but I am working toward it by making my hobby more important in my life and will soon become a biologist. Your story has made a difference in my life and I will view the world as "a child in a candy store." THANK YOU SO MUCH!! You can't possibly know how you've changed my life.


Your Happiness is Contagious!!!

Dear Alan:

My Mom always told me to hang onto my memories. My Mom was right cause so often my memories are what get me through a day and for that precious knowledge I am ever so grateful.

Thank you for being on CBS news this morning. It has struck a few chords in my life and how I have been touched by family and friends who have experienced loved ones' cancer journeys which have eventually, lead to their heavenly journeys.

Yes, I do admire your courage, strength, and bravery of your painful yet, peaceful journey. When my Mom reached her level of acceptance I believe that she was at peace with her disease of breast cancer.

Alan, my mother's name is Elizabeth, her nickname is Betty and she continued her life's journey on August 29, 1996.

Alan, I am touched by your story and may God Bless You & your family. Alan, may you have healing and regain your strengh to help you get through your daily moments.

Thank you for this opportunity to share. Stay Handsome!

With Prayers,

Your next program? Eternity

I watched the CBS report on you this morning and a comment you made "I'm am ready to go on to the next program" has made me write this note. Our lives here on earth are but a blink of an eye compared to eternity. When your spirit leaves your earthly body you will stand before your creator and be judged according to how you have lived your life. And since we have all sinned and fall short of the glory of God (Rom 3:23) none of us can enter into eternity in heaven. It is only through the death and blood of His Son, Jesus Christ, that we can be made righteous before God. And the only way to have His blood cover our sin is through a personal relationship with Him. God promises that if we seek Him, He will reveal Himself to us. This is the only way to an eternity in heaven. There is no second chances after you die! My husband once told a dear friend, "You are betting that you are right and I am wrong and the difference is that the worst that could happen to me is that I have lived a good life, but you if you are wrong you will spend an eternity in Hell! I don't know if you have studied much about salvation, God, Jesus Christ, or Hell, but the world today tells us that a loving God would never condemn us to Hell - don't be fooled - the God that created this world cannot look upon sin and because we have all sinned we deserve hell. But God loved us so much that he sent His Son to earth to die for all of our sin so that we can spend eternity with Him. (John 3:16)

God is giving you the chance to spend an eternity in Heaven with Him or be judged and sent to an eternity in hell! It is your choice and no second chance!

I will pray for you and your illness. If you have any questions, please e-mail me and I will be happen to answer anything that you would want to know. Just don't go on to the next "program" without Christ or it will be an eternity of pain and suffering.

Jo Schafer
North Platte, NE

So glad you have peace....

Dear Alan,

I, like many others, do not know you. However, on your journey, I wish you continued peace.

My parents are in heaven and I believe they are in a better place and free of pain. THere is not a day goes by that I do not miss them, but my love remains strong.

You and your family will be in my prayers.

Deb Hamit
Wichita, Kansas

We need more people like you!

Thank you for sharing your personal journey with the rest of the world. One's attitude and outlook in life is what makes it bearable and enjoyable. You have showed that. May God Bless you and keep you in his care.
Washington DC

You are an Inspiration

Dear Alan,

I just finished watching the segment your daughter narrated on this morning's CBS news. You truly are an inspiration. It is so comforting when someone we care about is at peace with the transition that is coming, as you seem to be.

I wish you more love and comfort than your heart can hold,and will pray that you are able to continue to
"Do It Your Way"

With affection and prayers,

Ginger Kenney

As the Day Greets the Night

As the Day Greets the Night

Orange is the mighty ruler
of the day.
Purple as the heron's wing
cloud's flock.
As the king lowers silently
beneith the sea
He raises golden arms and
flaming fingers

By Monica Stua
Flagler Beach FL
for Alan :)

Good Day

Hi I saw your story on CBS and wanted say that admire your zest for life and all that you have done.
God Bless you and your family

Michelle Higgins

Do you know where you would go if you died today?

I heard the wonderful news program about you today and have looked on the internet about you, and you are a very couragous man. But not once did I hear or read if you knew beyond a shadow of a doubt if you were ready to meet God. As a concerned christian, I would like to ask you if you have a personal relationship with God? Have you ever confessed your sins and accepted Jesus Christ as your personal Savior? (John 3:16; John 3:36; John 3:3; Romans 3:23; Johm 5:24). There are many more. There is a heaven and a hell. Which do you want to spend eternity in? I choose heaven. God healed me of an uncurable disease last year and I personally know how real God is. God sent His only Son (Jesus Christ) to die on the cross for our salvation and healing. He took 39 stripes for our healing. God could heal you, if He chose to, but only if He has a work for you to do here. But Heaven is our ultimate healing. Remember, it is appointed unto men once to die (Hebrews 9:27) but affter this the judgement. Read Revelation 20:11-15. Salvation is so simple and the reward is eternal life in heaven with God. If you reject salvation, the reward is eternal life in hell with the devil and his angels. Which will you choose? I choose life. This is sent in christian love from a person that loves God and wants to do his will always. How about your family? Do they know God? Before you go on, could you lead them to Christ? You want them in heaven too. I will pray everyday for you that God will speak to your heart and open your eyes to the Gospel. Hope to see you in heaven one day.


Mr. Baskin,

I saw your story on CBS This Morning and I was overwhelmed, not with pity, but, with compassion. Your attitude and zest for the life you have lived as well as the spirit with which you plan to leave this world to enter into a new "program" are inspiring. I can only hope that I can live the rest of my life with the dignity and sense of adventure that you have pursued in yours. God Bless you and your family.

Joan Mathews


Dear Alan:

Just as God knows the numbers of hairs on our heads, He also knows the number of days we have on this earth in this life. I often wonder how much of our time is spent dwelling on past hurts and worries of the future. There is nothing more precious on this earth than living life to its fullest each day.

When we take time to stop and to look around us, we can see how truly beautiful life is ... Sometimes, we stay too caught up in fear ... afraid to try a new risk; sometimes, we get caught up in our comfort zones ... afraid to move forward. People will come and go in your life; many will disappoint you, especially those you love the most. But each day, I am reminded that God has a plan for each and every person's life ... we must surrender to that plan with our walk in faith.

What a tremendous life you have shared with so many others. Thank God you have been enjoying every moment of it. It is truly beautiful to see how many people are supporting you at this time and to feel how many people have been touched by you. Blessings to you and to your family ... you have such a positive mind. That is what it is all about. Next to family, friends are God's greatest treasures in all the world.

God bless you and may comfort and peace be with you each day.

Deer Park, Texas

The resurrection power of Jesus Christ

Dear Alan, while viewing the news broadcast of your living
eulogy, I began to think that the One who could really
qualify for such a tribute would be one who died on behalf
of others, but Who also loosed the chains of death by
coming back to life. This One is none other than Jesus
Christ. 1st Peter 1:3-4 says, "Blessed be the God and
Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, which according to His
abundant mercy hath begotten us again unto a lively hope
by the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead, to an
inheritance incorruptible, and undefiled, and that fadeth
not away, reserved in heaven for you" His eulogy is
written in the hearts of all those who put their faith in
Him. Saint John describes it best in John chapter 21 verse
25, which says, "And there are also many other things
which Jesus did, the which, if they should be written every
one, I suppose that even the world itself could not contain
the books that should be written. Amen." Jesus is the One
who can help you take your next journey. He says, "No man
cometh unto the Father but by me." (John 14:6) Alan, Jesus
loves you and wants to take you to the One who loves you
most. God bless you, In Christ, Danny.

Your Story Touched My Heart

Although I don't know you, I wish you and your family continued love and courage. I'm a nurse and it is truely wonderful and motivating to see such a celebration of life. Thank you for sharing and inspiring the same passion in all of us! Where can I find your Ten Commandments listed?
Pat Sullens

We are all holding your hand....

In a very short 10 minutes of morning news...You are the REALEST person to ever touch my entire 41 years of confused life. Speaking very selfishly, may God give ME even just a small taste of the peace you know and may God let the rest of the world "see" through your eyes for one moment...Alan, it is YOU that should pray for all of "us", because, you ARE what we all wish to be. You are all the courage, hope, love, knowledge and strength needed to go onto the next life. Alan, we are ALL holding your hand.
Love...and a tight grip :o)

thank you

Dear Mr. Baskin
We have never met. I saw the beautiful article your daughter did for CBS News.
I have been quiety (very quietly) fighting the hurt inside me for some time and gave been considering surrendering to my weak will. Your daughter's love for you shook me. I have been asking for some kind of sign as to why I should continue here. I know I have found it now.
I am going to go and hug my daughter. You and your daughter have made a differance here. You for your courage and positive attitude....your daughter for the love she obviuously has and is displaying. Funny---crying here very hard but these are not the type of tears I have had in the past...maybe they are washing everything away...Thanks to both of you.
I will remember your smile in the pictures as you read the read the screen.
I wish you peace sir.
Trust me--I will remember you. God Bless both of you.

Thank You

Dear Mr. Baskin,

To have lived such a wonderful life is truly a blessing. So many of us today only struggle with life trying to get by from day to day. How refreshing to see someone live their life to the fullest and to say that they have no regrets. God has created a plan for each of us but most will never take the time to learn what it might be. I'm so glad that you followed you heart and lived a good life. I truly know in my heart that your contentment is only the next step in God's plan for you.

Have a joyous life and thank you for you inspiration.

J. Bono

Good Morning

I saw your daughter on tv this morning. I just wanted to tell you that I admire your love of life
and your sunny outlook. I wish only the best for
you and your family. Carole Gayan, Tarpon Springs,



selected by his daughters in clebration of Ross Short
1931-1998. You and Ross will life in thehearts of many that love you.
Believe all you read hear. You have helped my joyeous
memories and unpressable loss, thank you.
Ever Lonely email Judy Lawton

Just a note:

September 27, 1999
I turned on the television this morning just for some noise and heard about you. I have never been diving, and have only recently seen the ocean from the shore. I admire your zest for life and all that you have done.

This idea of a "Living Eulogy" for you is a terrific one. When I was growing up, I wondered how the person knew what everyone thought of them. Questions filled my young mind, "How do they hear?" or "What would they say?" just to mention a few. With this, you are able to respond to the people even if it is just a simple, "Thank you."

God bless,
Kevin L. Beagley
Wichita, Kansas

You don't have to be sick!

Hi! There are millons of people being helped by the Hallelujah diet. For more info visit or call at (704)481-1700 God will bless your life more than he already has. Carl

I Hope You Can See What You've Done!

Dear Mr. Baskin,
I hope you can see what you have done! You have given so many people hope, courage and a desire to live their lives to the fullest! I saw you on CBS This Morning and had to come straight to my computer! I have been reading some of the messages already posted and it seems most have already said all the things that came to my mind as I sat and listened to your daughter and you.
How blessed you and she have been, to find each other after so many years and to be able to have this special time together! The Lord definitely works in mysterious ways and I truly believe there is a reason for everything that happens in our lives.
God bless you and your family and thank you for sharing!

Your friend/sister in Christ,
Linda (FL)

Dear Alan,

I respect your outlook on the life that you have lead. May God bless you and I sincerely hope that you are a child of His. I lost my Dad with bladder cancer 2 years ago in June and seeing him go from somehat healthy to bed ridden in less than three months was really hard. The loved ones who don't want that person to expire are being selfish. That is only part of our human nature. My Dad kept telling me that he was ready to go HOME (meaning to Heaven to be with our Lord) and I didn't want him to go. After a week I told him to go if that was really what he wanted because I wanted his suffering to end. In heaven, there is no pain and suffering. It is still so hard not having my Dad around anymore to tell me stories of his youth and many adventures. My Dad was almost 91 years old and I thank God that he still had a sharp mind. As a child, we expect our parents to be there for us and still guide us. Now I am caring for my mother. I feel so lucky to have had my parents for the length of time that the good Lord gave me. Your strength is an inspiration to everyone who will read this eulogy. You have completed your "mission" on this earth the our Lord has given you so now it is time to make your last journey. My prayers are with you and your family. Love to you and your family, Wanda Atchison

What Great Friends

The friendships you have made speak loud and clear.
What a great tribute to you from them, you have truely
touched the hearts of the many people you have met.
My God Be With You.


I never knew You

I was sitting in the Student Center eating breakfast this morning when I saw you on the news. My heart sank when as I watched the television. I am so glad that people are doing this for you, I felt that I should do the same. I hope that this little letter that I am sending you gives you the joy recieving it that it gives me sending it. I hope that everyday you have left, gets better and better. Good Luck, and God Bless

David Kupecky
University of Hartford
West Hartford, Connecticut

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