Life Revisited

Dear Alan , My name is patti . I watched the special from your daughter this morning on C.B.S. news . I was very touched by her grace and strength. Your outlook on death inspired me greatly. On Oct 23, 1998 I died , Conjestive heart failure . I remember nothing but am told by my loved ones ,I left this good place three times and was in a coma for weeks. Since then I have had Trachea surgery 21/2 inches were removed them it was sewn back together. Now my stomach is very bad advanced acid reflux , I have lost over 120 lbs, because I can not eat. This all sounds terrible but, the worst thing that has happened to me is I lost my spirit!! I wait every day for the next bad thing to happen . I have forgotten how to be brave . After seeing your messages of faith and hearing you speak of going forward into a new adventure. I realize that I have been living to die. Now I must Live to go forward and make this my greatest adventure .I need to cry and laugh .These are two things I have not done since I've been ill.So, it seems this letter bares two parts one of healing for me and one of THANK YOU for you. You go,for that big final adventure and I'll be brave in mine . In my heart and mind forever !! Mr Alan Baskin -- Your Friend Patti








***Alan, I lived in WPB, FL for years and never had the chance to meet you, but your story is just wonderful. How many people can say they are at peace and have no loose ends? I feel alot more people who may have an illness may venture out to the internet for their last journey to find they are not alone and also find all the support they need.

Alan, you will be missed. Thank you for sharing your personal life with us. Have a peaceful journey.



Dear Mr. Baskin:
What a thrill to meet you (if only on tv). Your story this morning was a glimpse of what is to come for us all. I hope your family and friends admire you beyond your present life. You are truly an inspiration. I have never met you but I will see you on "the other side" for sure. What great strength and perserverance you have. Certainly one to be proud of. Your family is most lucky to have shared your life with you. Heroes are made of your strength, Mentors are made of your beliefs, cowards are strengthen by your will, the egotiscal and dark shadowed souls are awakened by your perserverance, calmness is gained by your faith, and everyone can see just how your life has had meaning. You can see humbleness in your face, hear comfort in your voice, and in your time of need you are not alone. May you have a wonderful journey and remember how many people you have touched. People who don't even know you have come forth with love and respect. I shall remember you along with the others who have written. Your life has been full and meaningful, you will surely be remembered by all for your courage and warmth.

To Someone I don't even know :)

I am a 42 year old female from a small town(New Boston)in East Texas. Your story on CBS this morning 9/27/99 was a total inspiration to me. I am the mother of two wonderful children, a daughter 22 who graduated College May of 99, and is currently married and has started a wonderful life of there own in Kansas City. Also a son who is a senior in High School, and 2 step-sons age 14 and 16.
My life has been upside down lately, and your story made me appreciate the small problems in my life. Thank you for the inspiration to go on, for I was about to give up.

A note to your daughter,
What a wonderful person you are to keep your composure on national TV. The spirit you will carry in your heart of your father after he is gone will be so rewarding. I envy you for that because my Father chose to take his own life 5 years ago, and the memories are hard to bear. God Bless you as well!! Lisa Capps( Boston, Texas :):):)

The Grand Adventure


As you prepare to embark on your great adventure, I wanted to add my name to the list of people whose lives you've touched.


Dear Alan

I have always had a passion to photograph the ocean and spend my days on the water. Your daughter's story has intrigued me this morning so much that I am no longer afraid to persue my dream...I am a executive but do not want to have any regrets. Don't know how Im going to do it since the ocean is 8 hours away but I believe now is my time (since I am middle age) to make a change and go to the candy store....THANK YOU SO MUCH, YOU'VE TOUCH ANOTHER SOUL!

Lubbock, TX

Great Traveling, Alan!

Well, Alan.

I see I am not alone in the belief that life should be
lived to it fullest and shared with as many creatures
as you can. I lost a friend in Australia 2 years ago,
but I hope to see him again, later on. My wife and I
are about to start off on another adventure in life
to Belize. Diving is one of my pleasures that I enjoy
and I believe heaven is there in the ocean for us to
preview. There will be a day in the future when we
will sit down and compare notes, I know. Thank you
for showing so many people some of the great pleasures
of life.

Joe & Bev Pontek

Hello from Tennessee

Dear Alan:
I saw the special item of you on the CBS news this am. You are a testament to the Cher song Believe. I know you have never heard of me, taken me scubba diving, or set your eyes on me. I send this letter to you with friendship, love, prayers and the upmost caring. Isn't the internet a wonderful tool, I've made friendships with so many that I'd never touched without it. You will be in my thoughts daily.
Take care, hope you are having a good day.
Love and friendship,
Kay Rose of TN

Left Behind

Alan, Let me introduce myself: I am James Parker from Rockwall, Texas which is about 20 east of Dallas.

I felt compelled to share with you an intriguing book entitled, Left Behind by Jerry Jenkins. With your diagnosis, it is most important that you realize your spiritual condition. I am not a reader, having been required to do so much reading when I went to college. But, I read Left Behind after so many of my friends read the book and my curosity got the best of me.

Basically, each of us must answer to God as to whether or not we have ask forgiveness of our sins and accept him as Lord of our life, our personal Saviour and Redeemer.

Please read this book. It tells the story so well and convinced me I did not want to miss out on the biggest trip of my life.

May God bless you.

Dear Mr. Baskin,
I was very moved by the story of your life that I have seen on CBS news this am. Even though I have never met you I feel as if I know what kind of person you must be. I commend you for the way that you are living your life. I too, have lost two very special people that I loved to cancer. One was a six year old boy and the other a cousin, age 34 with three small children. I knew when they were here that they were too good for this ole world of ours. I have realized from these trials of life that some people are made only for heaven and you are one of them! The zest that you display and enjoy your life with is just as theirs was. I know that you will have friends waiting on you when you get "there"! You will continue on your journey of goodness and have the "dive" of your life! May God Bless you and your family. I will always treasure knowing about what a fine person you are even though we never met. Be happy that you can look back and know that your life was good! Good luck in the days to come! Susan


TO: Alan Baskin
From: Willie Johnson from Jacksonville,Florida
Subj: Just wanted to say Hello

Hi Alan,see you do not know me but I have seen you around here and there. I was looking at the moring new I seem this on T.V. I'm praying for you and your family in this time in your life. And I want to say God Bless you and your family. Just say in good spirit and keep saying to yourself God love me very much,and I'm going to make it though this in the time in my life.





What a wonderful tribute

Like everyone else this morning, I saw your story on CBS and was very moved by it. I think this website is a wonderful tribute and I thank you and your family for sharing it with us. Peace be with you all, now and always.

Jill Jenkins
Austin Texas


TO: Alan Baskin
From: Willie Johnson from Jacksonville,Florida
Subj: Just wanted to say Hello

Hi Alan,see you do not know me but I have seen you around here and there. I was looking at the moring new I seem this on T.V. I'm praying for you and your family in this time in your life. And I want to say God Bless you and your family. Just say in good spirit and keep saying to yourself God love me very much,and I'm going to make it though this in the time in my life.






Just an hour ago, i viewed the CBS show and caught what has made my morning so thankful.

I am thankful for knowing you thru a grainy black-and-white tv.

I am thankful for being touched by your will to shine on everyone YOU touch.

Yarmouth, Nova Scotia

Keep it up Kid..........

Dear Mr. Baskin
You don't know me, I have never dived, But I seen you on CBS this morning and I wanted to wish you the best I believe that you are a wonderful person and have lived your life to the fullest all I can say is hang in there kid.
A new found friend,
Bob Spoon
Mobile Alabama


You are an awesome inspiration. I pray that you have wonderful full days ahead as you near your ultimate adventure. It was very nice seeing you on T.V. this morning. You have a wonderful family and group of friends. Thanks again,
Ron Stiles
Houston, Texas

From a Allen Baskin to Alan Baskin

You truly fit the mold of the Baskin clan.

Luck and well wishes to you and your family.

I've never met you Alan, but you have left a impression

Dear Alan,
Although I have never met you and our paths would of never crossed, when I saw you on cbs this am and your story
I must say I have NEVER seen such a positive attitude and peacefullness in one person in all my 40yrs on this earth!
I will remember it the rest of my life, you looked to me
that you are truly at peace with yourself and your life
and the many things you have done and there are probably
only a handful of people who would have the outlook you do.
I can honestly say I don't know if I would. I'm very
sorry that you are so ill & I don't know if Jesus is your
personal saviour but you are headed for another adventure
only in a different place. God Bless you and you know he
does. I only wish I would of met you in my lifetime, for
now when I think about all the small things I worry about
and complain about I feel foolish. By the way, I read your
11 commandments and they are great! Please take care.
Pittsburgh, PA

Courage & Serenity Amongst Us.

Dear Alan,
While watching your daughter dedicate her father on CBS this morning,chills went up my spine. It was like a mirage to me. My dad passed away from esophagas cancer in 1990. I didn't know what to do or how to live without him.He touched my life in so many ways and gave me strength when strength was needed.He was my hero,my icon and my life.
Roberta's story was full of strength & love.In her eyes, the love is sparkling for you.To announce to the world that her dad is terminally ill and still keep her composure showed me that your strength is within her.As a daughter, I know what she feels internally for her dad.
I asked god to help you through this time.I believe you are a gift of strength from him embedded upon the world that's watching you.In this strength there is serenity as you are at peace within yourself.
When I think back to my dad, I thought he was a little crazy. He arranged his own funeral ahead of time.Now I know he was a man of godly strength especially after reading your living eulogy.
Though I never knew you, I want to take this time to offer my love for you.My prayers, you will be in everyday, from this day on.Two words can distinctively divide you from the rest of the world, Courage & Serenity.Without that we are nothing.You are Courage. You are Serenity!
The world can possess a bit of knowledge from you Alan Baskin, I know I have.

All my love,
Beatrice Reilly
Staten Island, NY

Your Next Program!

Hello Alan!
Just saw your daughter on the morning news telling about your Web site - so thought I'd visit it and send a message. I really don't know you - but you mentioned you were at peace and looking forward to your next program. I pray that you do know Jesus Christ as your Personal Savior as that will be your next program, coming face to face with Jesus, unless you receive a healing (which the Lord can do!) If you do have the Lord in your heart - Well Glory! If not, please ask Him in your heart today. We will keep you in prayer.
Jimmy & Cheryl - Florida

To Enjoy Life!!! :)

Good Morning!

It's September 27th, 1999, and I've just seen your story on CBS this Morning (just like the several hundred that you've already read... or are about to read!)

I'm 31 years old and I have the 50:50 possibility of becoming the 3rd generation Breast Cancer "victim" in my family. (In fact, it's probably subconsciously part of the reason that I am a chemist at a pharmaceutical company!)

I admire your zest for life and your joy! I also intend to focus on enjoying life instead of focusing on what "could happen" or what "might happen" ... after all, tomorrow was never guarenteed to any of us...

I hope that my work will make a difference in the world... and will help reduce all kinds of suffering. I try to let my attitude and energy positively influence those I come in contact with! ...well... at least after my morning innoculation of caffeine! ;) hahaha

I've heard that the "next life" is so wonderful... that if we knew about it in "this life," ... we'd all be trying to commit suicide to get there...

May the rest of your days "in this plane" of existance be peaceful, painless, and totally joyful... and may the next be even better! Thank you for being an inspiration!!!!!

Greta Patterson
Raleigh, NC

The adventure doesn't have to end :)


For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son that who soever would believe in him should not perish,but have everlasting life.

Hope to meet you later




symphony of the sea

Dear Alan,
God Bless on your journey!
A few years ago I fulfilled a dream to swim with humpback whales on SilverBank(D.R.) was the most beautiful spiritual experience I could imagine.To be eye to eye with mother and calf in their realm is unbelievable...a cow lifted her long pec fin over my snorkel and glide by me silently. What beautiful images you have on your journey.
mary collis,amesbury,mass 01913

Dear Alan,

I never met you before my visit today to your web page. I never even tried to dive. Now I wish I had the opportunity of both. You were an inspiration to so many!

I agree with your 10 Commandments. I would like to repeat Joni Mitchell's poem sent you from Marketa.

May God continue to bless you in your journey ahead.

Joan T. from Florida

You are an inspiration

Dear Mr. Baskin,

You are an inspiration to us all because of your brave and heroic battle with cancer.

Your smile and upbeat ways inspire me to think positively whenever there is something wrong, although I am shameful that I fret when something small happens, yet you deal with something on such a grand scale.

I wish you the best of luck in life.

With great admiration,
Queens, NY

Roberta Baskin

I know how you are feeling,just spent the most quality time with my mom,told 2 years ago she had cancer,may 31,1999,I spent the next two months taking care of my mom,24 hours a day,it was the best days of our lives,she was smiling till the end,there is loved ones that come to take you home ,I felt everyone of them,my mom spoke to them,it is the greatest feeling I ever expierenced,just remember the memories,it will eases the journey for him. ... God Bless You both... Mary Ellen

To A Brave Man

I don't know you personally, but heard about you on the news this morning. You are a true inspiration to all those out there suffering from this terrible disease.
You are the kind of person everyone should have in their lives. It makes us stop and think about the little things in life that get us down. Then someone like you comes around and makes us thank God to hear that there is nothing we can't handle...even death!
May God bless you and you're family!!
I wish I new you personally!

Salisbury, MD

Just a friend

We have never met, nor have we ever spoken to each other, but you have touched my life but even for a brief moment. If one believes in angles, than may God bless you with a set of wings for you to explore Heaven. You have touched more peoples lives than you will ever know. Thank you for touching mine and helping me to realize how important we are to even those that do not know us. Your family is one of the strongest and most caring and will be with you always. Stay true to heart, and when you get to heaven, let others know that we will be along when our work is done. A precious "Bear Hug" to you from PA PA BEAR here in Pennsylvania from the MYERS family. Strenght to you all.

If you know him . . .

Dear Alan:

I'm sorry to hear of your illness but blessed by your joy! The peace that you speak of can only come from Jesus Christ! I pray that you know Him as your personal savior. Take this opportunity to tell others about His great love for them. That none should perish! Love to you and your family during this painful time.


Tropic Bird

Alan, We met you in March of 1988. Spent a week in BVI surveying the Tropic Bird. We enjoyed our time there, coming from several months in Belize - it was like hitting the "big city"!! You were very helpful and offered some valuable information. We were involved at the time with Lester Netherton - LaStrega owner, which was a very costly experience for all involved! We were much luckier than some - only lost wages - but still had a great experience and met a lot of nice people, yourself included. We wish you well through your fight with this cancer - your attitude towards life and death is an inspiration to us all. Best Wishes. Jim & Paula Cooper Palm Beach Gardens, Fl.


Dear Alan

I just saw you on TV and was touched by your faith and fortitude. I hope I will be as strong when my time comes. I have a friend with pancreatic cancer who has the same faith that you have and he is doing beautifully. I wish the same for you. It seems that you have touched many lives in your time and you are so lucky to have so many friends who love you. My prayers will be with you on your journey. May it last a long time and cover many miles.


Barbara Lemay

Our Prayers are with you

I just wanted to say how touched I was when I heard your story this morning. My mother died 17 years ago from complications due to diabetes. She was 58 years old. I miss my mother more each day, but I know, like you, she was ready and had no fear of dying.
Your life seems to have been a very full one, and a happy one.
Our thoughts and prayers go out to you and your family, and may god bless you.

The Goodrum Family
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

A life well lived

The number of lives that you have touched is amazing. By living you life with passion and love, you have demonstrated what we all have hidden inside of us, yet only a few of us ever realize. Thank you for your wonderful contribution to the world.

Thank you for your gifts to others

Dear Mr. Baskin,
Your family and friends are obviously blessed because of your past, current and future presence in their lives.
I have lost so many in my own family in a short time in the 1980's. ( my brother, father, 24 yr old nephew, and then my husband in his 30's, and home and belongings in a fire) I know how important it is to treasure each moment of life we are given and to experience each and every joy, no matter how small. I only wish I had been able to find a way to add fullness to my own loved ones' last days the way this web site has. You have clearly touched a great many lives, and though I do not know you, I wish you all the pleasures you can possibly find now, a safe and peaceful passage to whatever waits ahead, and the comfort of knowing that you will continue to be thought of and loved by so many.

Iris Arenson-Fuller, Bloomfield, CT


Thank you so much for choosing to enbrace life and live everyday to the fullest as you die. My late husband died of Amyotrophic Latheral Sclerosis (Lou Gehrig's Diseade) on September 5, 1996. He chose to die in the same manner you are, embracing his life. He often said he had "lived a full and happy life doing the best he could with every decision he had to make throughout his life and acting with the best knowledge he had at the time." We are all dying from the moment we are born. None of us knows when or where the end will come. A drive around the beltway in Washington D.C. will prove the point. We only have today and your story is an inspriation to all of us. Thanks to you and your friends for sharing it with the world. All best wishes that you will be comfortable and happy from today on. All best! Laura Hawley Jarvis

You are Like My Dad

We do not know each other...I just watched the story about you on CBS. You remind me of my Dad.

My Dad left for higher grounds 13 years ago due to inoperable lung cancer. He had the same exact attitude that you have. I still miss him each day, but I remember the brave way that my Dad lived his last few months. It set an example for us all. He lived every day like it was his last and it sounds like you have always done that too!
God Bless you Mr. Baskins and all of your loves ones. You are setting an example for them too!
Sincerely, Janet Ruffin ^j^


My father, too, had an inoperable cancer and died in 1985. During his last few months we were able to get closer than ever when I was growing up and it was wonderful. He, too, chose the song "I did it my way" for his services, which is the way he lived his life but in a quiet way.

I have a very strong belief that death is not final. My father had never discussed his belief re: death with me and never did, but I did express my belief with him prior to his death, and I went so far as to ask him to let me know, after his death, that he was okay so I would not worry about him, and about one month after his death he did let me know that he was alright and it has made my life so much better just knowing that he is alright and he is happy. I have not seen him since one month after his death, but I do rest knowing that my father is alright and that perhaps our discussions re: death did not fall on a deaf ear and maybe his beliefs were a lot like mine. But the best part is I KNOW that he is with me at all times and that he is alright......

Sometimes death is an accomplishment for the person who dies, though I am sure this is difficult for you to hear at this point in your own growth, but please believe it and know that your father is fine and has touched so many lives.

Mom1650 aka
Eula Helpling
Vero Beach, Florida

You Make Life Worth Living

Hello Alan, my name is Cariess Tutson and I live in Ft. Lauderdale Florida. No you don't know me, I just saw your daughter on CBS News This Morning and I was moved to write to you.

At this moment in my life I am in perfect health but because of my financial struggles along with over 20 years of abuse in either a physical, sexual or mental nature from friends and family, I have not been wanting to survive.

I am the single parent of two beautiful girls that have been my heroes. I live for them even though I don't know how I am going to feed them sometimes. I work very hard yet it never seems to be enough to get out of debt.

I just wanted to let you know that after learning about you I have a new look on life and because of you as long as I have breath in my body I am going to strive for the happiness and joy that you have instilled in so many people.

Thanks for starting out my day with the sun shining even though it is raining.

God Bless


A little message from VWIL

May your strength and kindness affect all around you. We will keep you in hearts, on our minds and in our prayers. Find comfort in your friends, family, and God. You have touched many lives, and that is a tremendous deed. Your courage is amazing and your family should indeed be proud.

Amanda Davis
Class of 2002, Va. Women's Institute for Leadership (VWIL)

we've never met

Although our paths have never had the opportunity of meeting, I would like to extend my greetings to you Alan. I'm not a celebrity or anyone that you would have heard of - I'm a simple homemaker in Columbus, Ohio. I just saw the news article from your daughter on CBS this morning, it looks like you have lead a full and happy life. I'm sure that in the great beyond, you'll find a new journey......I wish you all the best. God bless you and your family during your illness.

Vicky Jones
Columbus, Ohio

A Special journey

I just watched the segment on the television about you and your life. It is very heartwarming to see something so very positive. You appear to have touched so many people throughout your ife. I think its the measure of a man to see how many friends he has and the love that is given to him by friends and family...and by all those whom he has come in contact with on his adventure here on earth. Your journey has proven to be very very special.

We Pray for You

We work here at CBS This Morning. We are in Control Room 44 and just viewed the story about you from Roberta. God bless you and your family. From the story it looks as if you had a wonderful life enjoying every aspect. Being in this business I know what it is like to wrok in a career that I totally love. You have that look about you. You have totally enjoyed your life and career. God bless you

The Back Row of CR44
Greg, Betsy, Sara, and Jerry

From the Prophet

Just reading through "The Prophet" by Kahlil Gibran and once again it made us think of you...
"Then Almitra spoke, saying, We would ask now of Death.
And he said:
You would know the secret of death.
But how shall you find it unless you seek it in the heart of life?
The owl whose night-bound eyes are blind unto the day cannot unveil the mystery of light.
If you would indeed behold the spirt of death, open your heart wide unto the body of life.
For life and death are one, even as the river and sea are one".
"For what is it to die but to stand naked in the wind and to melt into the sun?
And what is it to cease breathing, but to free the breath from its restless tides, that it may rise and expand and seek God unencumbered?
Only when you drink from the river of silence shall you indeed sing.
And when you have reached the mountain top, then you shall begin to climb.
And when the earth shall claim your limbs, then shall your truly dance."

And you have found in in the heart of life.

L, E and T
(Santo Domingo, DR)

A new dive adventure

Alan and Eva,

After sharing so many stories during our visit in the BVI in June, we headed out to the far east of the DR this weekend... a long holiday weekend here. Unfortunately, Tom couldn't come, so Eric and I went out to Bavaro beaches (just north of the Punta Cana areas that you opened up back in the 70's). This trip we didn't get to the fresh water caverns/caves you discovered... that will be our next trip out but did get out to some of the reef areas. We had a front passing through, so the waves were up and the currents a bit stronger than ususal (the dive master said)... but as we did the back roll into the water, and just started down with the reef coming into view and the "alice in wonderland" experience beginning, "it was a beautiful morning,.. and everything was going our way"....
Linda and Eric

When we last spoke

When we last spoke you made the rather hilarious comment that you were " trouble because you had already said goodbye to so many people -- and here you were, still around."

Alan, I don't think that there is a single one of us who doesn't want you around another week, another month, another year, another lifetime. And frankly, through all you have taught us by your example -- you WILL be around, irregardless of what your body decides to do.

If anything this web page has shown just how many people love you and how much we can learn from you. Almost everyone has said it, but it bears repeating, Thank you!

From the Morgans

Dear Alan,
I always thought you and I were equals when it came to glibly slinging the bull, but you win - I am at a loss for words. We both know that death is a part of life and you have chosen to approach it as you have lived yours - with incredible class.
Jeff Morgan

Dear Alan,
Although Jeff and I often write together, this is one time I need to go it alone. When we read of your illness (in the Contra Costa Times - we’re now in California) it fairly took my breath away. I felt as though I had been kicked in the stomach. And then I went on the web site and began to realize what a gift you have given to all of those who love you - to let us share this amazing journey with you. Jeff and I feel so lucky to have shared so many good times with you and Eva. Just know you’ll always be in our hearts.
Much love,

Blast from the Past

After reading the article in the Miami Herald my father, Jerome Greenbaum told me the following story: In 1945 my father and his family moved from an apartment on Espanola Way to the Troy Apartment on 10th and Ocean. The two families quickly became friends. One Christmas you came home from school wearing your uniform from military school. Although you and my father were not close friends he admired you so. He even insisted on attending Riverside Military Academy so he could emulate you. He did eventually follow in your footsteps and graduated from Riverside. I am sending in a picture of you he pulled from his yearbook. My father's thoughts and prayers will always be with you.

Mr. Inspiration

Just a note to thank you for being a guide for those of us who can't "see".This world needs more leaders like you as we traverse through the wilds of life.
Hope we will meet somewhere.Peace be with you.
Roger Motsinger

A Role Model

Dear Alan & Eva,

Little did I know when I boarded that military DC-3 in Santo Domingo over 20 years ago that I was about to meet two of my very favorite people in the dive industry. You embody all the qualities that makes diving the most magical experience on earth. I looked forward to seeing and talking to you at the DEMA Show each year - - you always invited me to visit and stay with you, first in Haiti, then in BVI; each year I told myself that this would be the year I'd take you up on your offer.

Since reading of your illness in USA Today, I've thought much about friendship, life and how I never found the time to visit. As you continue your fight, Alan, I'd like you to know that you are a role model of how life should be lived to its fullest, with panache and grace; you inspire me to reevaluate how to live my life, to grasp every experience and opportunity that comes my way. After you've won this battle, get the guest room ready because you can be sure that your next invitation to visit and dive with you will not be squandered!

With deep respect & affection

Jeff Nadler

Dear A & E,

It took me two plus hours to catch up on all the new
postings since Floyd took my phone line away. It amazed
what a few published pieces will do. I was ok until I
read a tribute from a fifth grade class. After stopping
and drying my eyes I continued and then the dam broke
with all the wishes, praises & comments from people unknown yet incredibly affected by various articles. I had to step away for a while, since I could no longer see the screen. What a blessing!!!

Remember when I said to you (shortly before Nick put up the web site) If I published your email address, the response would be so overwhelming, your computer might have a Mac attack? Man oh man, it has become a monster! Of course it is the loveliest of creatures, possibly the most beautiful web site many of us have ever seen. No doubt ONLY the finest web site will do, a five star rating mind you.

Thank you Nick Griffin for all of your hard work. I know it is a non-stop labor of love. Please don't panic when
the server crashes because most of us have this site saved and can always pull it from memory. You know it is just a matter of time before it comes back up.

Alan & Eva, thank you sharing your world with me. I have
met some wonderful new friends now and I know in the
future the string that brings us together will always be
on our lips. (Not silly string either)

P.S. Rudi just sent me a post card from Firenze (He flew there after our Miami meet). It is the most beautiful sunset of Del Vecchio Bridge (I think that is its name from what I remember) He called it Neon Florence. How appropriate. I look forward to chatting with him once again. You have such an incredible array of friends. Of course you already know that.

If I may quote you from an previous email from Eva:

"Eva, isn't the web site beautiful?" Sept 99

Its just for you babe!
xxoo Queen on the C

everyone is thinking of you

dearest alan,

my heart and my thoughts are always with you. roberta called today; heather cuff was in nyc and all we talked about was you! Jackie and Tony Snell called to ask about you. lu marler got in touch with me. Naomi, too. All my kids send love. So that web of yours circles the globe.

I did send in pictures of us when we looked young and gorgeous.(on the star of hope, bar of soap, czar of dope)now we look old and gorgeous.

I hope your day was peaceful. Much love to Michael, Eva, and the thousands who love you too.

kisses and hugs,


Big Thanks and Best Wishes

Dear Mr. Baskin,

It seems you are a man that lives life with the harmony that should be.

I found it ironic and inspirational that the day after I commited to DiveMaster/Instructor training (my 4th wedding aniversary and starting on 40th birthday)I saw an article about a man that lives life the way that many dream of but only a few have the guts to try.....thank you!

I think you might like this quote:

"what would life be if we had no courage to attempt anything?" - Vincent Van Gogh

Peace to you,

James Godson
Golden, Colorado

Thank you..........

Your life, your story is an inspiration for those who have been so fortunate to be touched by you. You have opened my heart to a world of joy and I thank you for the gift you have given any of us who visit your page. This is a reminder of the fragility of life and how we should embrace each day, accepting all it brings us. I look to you, feel the sunshine on my face and feel happy and at peace. Thank you.......Margaret

dearalan,we are the fifth grade class of mr.panisch at opa locka elementary he read us your story in the newspaper. wethink you are very intereting. wethink you are very brave. even though we never met we still will miss you .all our love ,mr.panisch fifth grade

An Irish Toast to Alan from The McLaneys

Think where man's glory most begins and ends
And say my glory was I had such friends!
~~~ William Butler Yeats ~~~

Alan and Eva-

I enjoyed seeing both of you on South Beach a month ago with our mini Haitian Reunion so that we could reminisce about the glory days of 'Haiti Cherie'. They certainly were "The Best of Times", n'est-ce pas !!!!

Unfortunately I was not a diver, so I cannot share any special story with you. Due to my natural buoyancy, I figured I could never fool Mother Nature, nor would I ever try such a feat! I live by "Murphy's Law", therefore, I should not tempt Fate!!! But, we had many mutual friends who were divers so we were connected by that umbilical cord.

I am pleased to see so many friends get in contact with you from all four corners of the world, thanks to cyperspace! I have forwarded your website address to many who might know you from Haiti in hopes they will send their greetings to you.

At this time I shall wish you an Irish adieu on your forthcoming journey....where I am sure your next abode will most assuredly be "Far Out" and "Groovy" !!!!!

"When you slide down the bannister of Life, God willing the splinters will all point in the right direction!!!"

Best wishes-
Phyllis McLaney
Miami, Florida 24 September 1999

To a great man whom I do not know but read about.

Dear Alan

I wish you the best of luck. God is with you remember that. Ask him and you shall recieve. I admire
your actions as I read on The Miami Herald, Friday, September 17, 1999. Your a strong man to face up to your problem. Alan Baskin I wish you a great and happy time. I
would like for you to respond to some who had what you had
his email is reply.I sorry that
you are ill. It must be tough but don't give up! Never give
up on yourself and what you love Alan Baskin!!!

16 year old Samuel Jeanty
from Miami, Florida
Wishing you the

A mssage from someone who has never heard of you or knows you . . . .

Hi Alan, my name is Marilyn, I am 31 years old. I pray that God will open your spiritual ears to hear what He's placed in my heart to share with you.

It is 8:13pm on Sept. 23rd, I'm still at work and was reminded that I read an article & wrote down the internet address to share what I strongly felt in my heart to tell you. I do not own a computer (I'm a people person) so I'm not one of those internet junkies. I only use it for work and have access to it that way. I never send e-mail if it's not for business purposes, however, God really stirred me to write to you, please read on . . .

I do not know what your spritual background is and that doesn't really matter. There is only one true God and you've been fortunate to have experienced and practically lived in the works of His hands, i.e., the ocean, the mountains, and nature at its finest - at least that's what I believe based on the pictures you've posted. As I read through many of the messages you've received, so many people acknowledge God, say they'll pray for you and mention blessings. However, I didn't read a single message encouraging you to seek God so you may know Him and experience Him before your time here is over. Maybe you already have, I don't know. Regardless, I am not here to preach to you, I am here to share a message that is crucial for you to receive:
God loves you more than you'll ever understand and He wants you to spend the rest of eternity with Him in heaven. Alan, not wanting to sound "religious" you have to understand what the Bible says clearly about where you go after you die and how you go to heaven. Now more than ever in your life, you have to be thinking what will happen when I die? Well, it's very simple: either heaven or hell. And whether you believe it or not it's still a FACT. The only choice you need to make (and it's NEVER TOO LATE, no matter what you've done in your entire life) is to accept Jesus Christ as your Savior - that's why He died on the cross - to save YOU! If you have an opportunity and I pray that you make the time, get your hands on a Bible and read:
- John Chapter 3 verses 3, 15 and 16;
- Romans Chapter 10 verse 9
The only other thing I want to share is that even if you don't believe, it's ok. I just beg you not to miss the opportuntity to find out for yourself. Investigate it for yourself, SEEK GOD AND YOU WILL FIND HIM (the Bible tells you that).
I am a christian woman, and I just want you to know that I have absolutely nothing to gain by writing - except that I have been obedient to a burden GOD placed on my heart to share the truth of His love and plan of salvation with you.

John 14:6
Jesus said to him, I am the Way and the Truth and the Life; no one comes to the Father (God) except through me.

P. S. No matter what religious background you have, you need to seek the Truth out for yourself - your eternal life depends on it!

May God truly bless you and pave the way for you . . .

Hope you remember

Dear Alan, I just received the write up from the Miami paper that my sister thought I might be interested in. She remembered how devastated I was on New Years eve in 1945 when you stood me up! We lived at the Troy Apts. and you were still in military school. Hope you do remember and also hope that things go easily for you. Sorry I missed knowing you better. I think I would have really enjoyed it. Who knows, if your mom hadn't broken up our relationship we would have been good friends. I am living in Tucson Az. for the past four years with my husband of 35 yrs. and we just adore it. Most of my life I lived in D.C. and loved that too. I have had a wonderful and fulfilling life. I am in the arts and have been very lucky with all that I've done. Much as it seems you have too. If you can, I would love to hear from you. My prayers are with you.

ove, Marianne (nee Goldstein) Wheeler

Cameron R. Evans

I am a stranger to you but I just wanted to let you know that I admire all that has been said about you. I lost my father to prostrate cancer 18 months ago and he lost his zest a little but enough remain for the both of us. I read the article in USA Today about you and just had to say I will pray for you and your family. Miracles do happen in a person's lifetime and I feel that your angel will appear in your life. Right now you have a boatload of angels and they are the friends and strangers who pray for you. I guess living the present is so hard for people but I admire you for your living in the present and the past of glorious moments in your life. The wisdom you carry will be shared through this neverending saga of your life. I wish you a good and happy time and remember keep that zest, because it's the best.

Cameron R. Evans

Greetings to Alan

Dear Alan:
Life is a journey. Yours has truly been special. It is a gift to live a life with adventure, helping others to break away from the norm, to re-discover themselves. Thank you for that. I’ll always remember you and Eva. Thanks for being our friends.

Peter Skop
PSI-Peter Skop Industries, Inc.
Formerly Sherwood South)
Norcross, Georgia

Dear Alan:
You may remember us from “years past” when you were active with Baskin in the Sun. We worked with both you and Eva, helping you with orders for your Sherwood dive gear from PSI (then Sherwood South.) Vince and I saw the message on the web site and we want to pass along our best wishes, along with all of us here at PSI. You have been a pleasure to know and we know you’ve made a difference in a good many lives—encouraging others to live life to its fullest as you have done. Warm best wishes and God’s blessings on you and your family.

Rose Curtis
Caribbean Scuba Sales Manager
PSI-Peter Skop Industries, Inc.
(Formerly Sherwood South)
Norcross, GA

Vince Pardinas
Sales Manager - Export
PSI-Peter Skop Industries, Inc.
(Formerly Sherwood South)
Norcross, GA

To Scuba 1 and Mermaid....

Dear Alan & Eva,

There is not a day that passes that you are not in my heart! The other day Shanna sat at the computer, reading all the loving letters pouring your way with tears streaming down her cheeks...We've been such close friend for almost 25 can this transition not reach into the depths of our souls?? I love you both and appreciate you more and more each day. Your strength and wisdom are beacons in this world! We celebrate you, Alan & Eva!!

It has also been so wonderful to be back in touch with so many old friends through this transitional time...people we had lost over the years...

MarBeth (

To Scuba 1 and Mermaid....

Dear Alan & Eva,

There is not a day that passes that you are not in my heart! The other day Shanna sat at the computer, reading all the loving letters pouring your way with tears streaming down her cheeks...We've been such close friend for so many, many years!! I love you both and appreciate you more and more each day...

A Man Who Promoted Life

Alan Baskin, a man who promoted life. "Wow!!" "Its the BEST DAYS OF MY LIFE" as you would always say.

The BVI Marine Environment and the the BVI National Parks Trust Reef Protection Programme and through the Finance Committee the National Parks Trust benefited from your enthusiasm and energy. And for this we are grateful.

Alan, as you prepare to leave this stage go in peace knowing that those things which you have worked towards will live on.

Live on Brother, Live on. May the LORD hold you in the Palm Of His hand. We Love You, but God loves you Best.

L. Potter.

RE: Article in US today

Hello my dear friend Alan
Alan I read your story in the paper and was very much touched by your courage but also touched by the fact that
you are giving up. I was in the same palce you are in l993
and was told to get my funeral arrangements made and plot pick out by my doctor. After him telling me the story of what to do I walk out of his office and said to my wife he's got the wrong person I am not going to die and I am going to show him well here it is l999 and I am still here but not without seeking out some knowledge and as the saying goes what you don't know can hurt you an let me tell you in these last few years I have learned alot about health and people amazing. Anyway during my search to get well I learned some very powerful health alternatives that have worked for me and wanted to share htem with you if you would be interested. Very powerful information that I pick up totally legal and all natural. If you care to know my e-mail is I would be happy to share some things with you and no I am not trying to sell you on some snake oil or one of these MLM lotion and potion get rich money making schemes, Thats not it because after thousands of dollars of learning all about those types of scams I have learned what works. I have learned what causes all disease in the body and I don't care what it is I have found the culprit. So simple a child could figure it out. So simple to get well also. My goal is to educate
you and meet you in Belize because Lord willing I have just ordered some books about Belize an I want to go there
and do some diving. You and me OK alan lets talk.

A Friend Met at Trey & Amy's Wedding

Dear Alan,
Trey sent me your wonderful web page. I am so sorry to know you are ill.

I remember well meeting you and your lovely wife at my nephew, Trey's, wedding last November. My sister, Glenda (who officiated at Trey and Amy's wedding ceremony) and I sat with you and Eve at dinner and heard about your wondrous reconnection with Roberta. I remember your excitement in telling us the story.

The more I have come to know Trey's darling wife, Amy Dickson, the more I come to love her and appreciate the family she came from. I know they all regard you and your family well and that you all have enjoyed many good times together. What great gifts you have all enjoyed!

Know that I will say a prayer for you this evening. May you continue knowing God's peace amidst these painful days.





Dearest Alan:

It was easier to find you under water than on the Internet!!! Marilyn (not the hurricane) just showed me the path.

John Sexton (JSex) told me that your webpage would not be complete without me. Yet, I have no magic words of wisdom. Our friendship of 18 years, spanning from Haiti, Tortola, St. Thomas, Venezuela to Maui, fill a book. We both know that.

Thanks for the memories, the fun
and funny times and showing me the best diving in the world.

See you under water! Deep down, we care!

I love you


Dearest Alan:

It was easier to find you under water than on the Internet!!! Marilyn just showed me the path.

John Sexton (JSex) told me that your webpage would not be complete without me. Yet, I have no magic words of wisdom. Our friendship of 18 years, spanning from Haiti, Tortola, St. Thomas, Venezuela to Maui, fill a book. We both know that.

Thanks for the memories, the fun and funny times and showing me the best diving in the world.

See you under water! Deep down, we care!

I love you

I had it

I was diagnosed fourth stage inoperable with metastasies to the spleen and kidneys on 1-22-97. Guess what ITS GONE if you want to know what I did email me at
good luck
Randy Stein
Cancer Survivor

Call Kaliko Dive Center


My bumper sticker reminds me to call the Kaliko Dive Center at 2-6530. Maybe you don't remember when I put it on my white Suburu wagon. It was before the days of violence and disruption in Haiti, even before my wife Thu got certified by Bill Reddig, and of course before you and Eva left for calmer shoals. But it is still there and so I just went out to my car to jot down the number.

When I saw your story in USA Today, I saved the issue (20 September 99) in order to find your web page HTML. So here we are, connection time.

The photo of the green turtle?? on the front of Section D of USA Today also spurred an impromptu story from me to my colleagues about how we divers used to leave Kaliko with turtles purchased from the local fishermen, to be returned to their territories. The idea and the story made a big impression on my colleagues. Thanks for that memory.

Honor the living is a homily I have tried to enforce for some years now. It was my privilege earlier this year to send a hand salute to a former Colonel in the US Army whom I met and worked with in Kenya a few years ago, and who also was dying of cancer. He got my eulogy (by e-mail) a few days before he died. I'm proud that I had a chance to pay my respects while it really counted. Likewise, when my own father was dying of cancer, I sent him a letter letting him know of my love and respect-- before it was too late.
To you Alan, I entend my hand in a salute. We shared the same kind of adventurous life and pure contentment of being among the coral heads off La Gonave. My wish to you is to dream, dream, dream of those times and those places.

Many pleasant dreams,

Dick Pellek
(formerly Senior Forestry Advisor, USAID, Port-au-Prince

thoughts from baltimore

hello from another lifetime. I brought up your web site and looking at the pictures of you and eva a tear ran down my cheek. and a love in my heart turned on for the first time in years. This is Karen B. up in baltimore,md. I first had the pleasure of meeting you and eva when some friends took me to Haiti karl and steve. and I came back many more times. I have problaby some of the best times of my life. Alan you and Eva ARE and have been a special little GIFT I hold in my memories. So many pictures run thought my mind when i think of you and eva. It just put an inner smile that peeks out on the corners of my mouth and a little shine in my eyes. I am very lucky not only to have shared time with you in haiti but also in Tortola. I just keep feeling like i have been so blessed because of you both. Alan I wish for you a joyous journey, one that is beyond anyones imagination. I am sure there is no words to express such a joy. I Love You both, Karen B. p.s. I think the middle picture in the web site is the same one I have hanging on a wall in my home, nice memory. I'll see you on the other side kb

Silent Courage!!

It take's a 'Courageous person' to accept his or her death, my hat is off to you Alan! You do not know me, but I know your spirit and courage, as I have seen it in someone dear to me..... My 'sweet man' John, who lost his battle with Renal Cell Carcanoma on May 9th of this year. His battle was only 8 weeks, from diagnois to leaving this earth in the arms of his loved ones.....Not one time did he say 'why me', it was always I have been so blessed!! We are so thankful for his presence for the short 53 years he was here!! May your journey be peacefull and 'GLORIOUS' live it up until that time, for none of us know our fate!!!! God bless you and your loved ones! You are a true living example of the saying,'This is the only chance you get, it is NOT a rehearsal'!!! Enjoy each day, I hope they are filled with wonder and joy! Fondly, Yvonne B, Shell

To Alan from a Stranger

Here's to you
May your dreams come true
May old father time
Never be unkind
And through the years
Save your smiles
And your tears
They're just souvenirs
They'll make music
In your heart!

Remember this
Each new day
Is a kiss
Sent from up above
With an angel's love

So here's to you
May your skies be blue
And your love blessed
That's my best to you. (Joni Mitchell)

Warmest Hug

Dear Alan

Hi, We met several years ago at DEMA somewhere. I knew then that you were a class guy. Keep the chin up and remenber that God works in misterious ways.
Sincerely, Al convenuto


Now when you get over to the other side, just take a little while to get acclimated before you start making the place all ready for the rest of us! I have loved you for twenty years and I will love you for the rest of my days. You turned my face and feet toward the sun and I have never stopped facing that way. You always had a clear vision of paradise here on earth, I am sure you will feel at home there. I promise I will look after Eva - as will the rest of us- (not that I really think she will need it being the dynamo and powerhouse that she is!) From Granada, to Miami, to Haiti, Much much love ------your lizzie (Lizzie Eames- 469 Sugar Creek Road, Weaverville, NC 28787, 828-626-3013)

a Greek Diver..........

Allan I wish you The best............

Makis Karousos

A Class Act

Read about you plight in USA Today. We shall always remember the wonderful days at BVI and your outstanding dive shop. Hey, we are still using the regulator we purchased from you. The outstanding service you provided at the dive operation will always set the standard for what a dive operator should provide. Our thoughts and prayers be with you. We shall always remember Al and Eve. Phil & Jan Metcalf Leon, Iowa

You did it your way....

To the brave guy....

Your bravery in facing the truth on what your life has been is a great example that everybody should realize with. go forth with no regret to what you just started. I appreciate the way you had been. Keep up though the end is coming. I will be praying for you....always.

Peter from the Phillipines

a gift for you for what has been startet by you in my own life

beloved Alan and Eva

many many years ago about 1977, I met you both in Haiti and got my experienced diver certification by Alan, the day after the OW diver and a week or so later the adv. ow diver certification. this was finally the start of my future career as a divine professional for 11 years - a PADI Instructor leading to PADI MI ratzing and my own PADI Training facility for many years.

it was a marvelous time as a diving professional and it all started by your first certification and introducing me to your previous organisation (before I was diving as a uncertified diver - for fun and more). I learned to teach and get along with many people from around the world and got prepared for what I am doing now since 1990.

later on in 1989 it was time for a change. Now I may have something to give to you in return for what I received from you. However it may require you to read through some pages of my own web site at my domain

if ever I may be of assistance to you for you eternal and loving future, please contact me by e-Mail

With Love and Divine Bliss


You Will Always Be...

Dear Alan...

I'm deeply sorry for my long absence from writing but, you see, I didn't know quite what to say. In the relatively short period of time in which I have had the opportunity to know you, I am left with oh so many wonderful memories and thoughts of you... and Eva... that my words fall far short of my feelings. My hope here is that my love and admiration for you comes through... that you feel it in your heart and soul... and know it without a doubt... no matter what words actually find their way through my fingertips.

There are so many things that made my time with you special. Your welcoming hug at the airport... those hair-raising roller coaster rides in your truck down the mountainside (yikes!)... wonderful evenings shared with friends, made even more magical by your love of life and the telling of it. Those days spent with you and Eva at the "Magic Castle" will remain with me always. And how you and Eva made my wedding day so special! I mean, how many people can say that they were married on YOUR beach as the sun was setting in the sky? I will never forget the rush down the mountain to the beach... and that long walk (it seemed a very long distance to me at the time) to the water where you waited with Mallory at your side. You caught me so off guard when you asked me to say my vows first (wasn't Mal supposed to go first?). I loved it all... even with my uncontrolled laughter (nerves, right?). But what I truly hold most dear are the words you spoke at our wedding. I heard each and every one of them Alan... and will hold them in my heart and mind forever.

I thank you for all you've given me. For your friendship and warmth... your unending patience and understanding... your geniune love... and for your blessing on my marriage to Mallory. I love you.

You are an inspiration to us all Alan, and I hope one day I can be as strong and couragous as you. I can only hope.

Love and warmth,
Hugs and kisses,


For the twenty something years I have been in the dive industry I've known your name and face and even some of your stories. I am sorry that we've never met--particularly after reading your powerful and wise words about this next journey in your life. You remind me of another dear buddy of mine who left us not so long ago. In fact, if you happen to run into him in that blue abyss, give him a kiss from me.
Bon voyage.
Mona (Mrs Dick) Birch
Small Hope Bay Lodge
Andros Island, Bahamas

After reading all the messages on your eulogy site I was so happy to know that someone in this crazy mixed up world could go out in style like this. You have so many friends that must have come out of the woodwork and what a tremendous feeling to know they all are "there" for you. My one wish for my death is that all the people I know will have the utmost respect and admiration for me and that I have made a difference by being there. You truly sound like a person that has done all that. I too am a diver and will be going to Maui for Halloween to party in Lahaina and dive like crazy. I now will think of you while I swim with the fishes and pray for your days to be as good as the rest of your life seems to have been. I read about you in the California newspaper the Fresno Bee and felt compelled to tell you keep on keepin on...
Denise Kelley

Alan, I can't help but get overwhelmingly choked up writing this. Amidst feeling this great sadness, I am reminded of you and all of the good times I was blessed to share with you, Eva, dad, and everyone else. I can't say that I am too suprised by your miraculous outlook as it has Alan Baskin scribbled all over it. Im humbled for sure, but not suprised. Why am I not suprised? Perhaps it's best to sum it up with one of many memories....
I remember one time you and I were driving from the West End Baskin Dive Shop to the Shop at Prospect Reef in that non U.S. spec. suzuki truck we hauled scuba tanks in. I was gripping the seat for dear life; it was like being in an Indy 500 race but in a supercharged go-cart. You were passing cars like a pro, blind curves and all. After passing one such car in a curve in what seemed to be a total move of faith, I said something to you like, "aren't you worried about another car coming around the curve and smashing us to smitherines?" It wasn't the first time I wanted to ask you that question....With your trademark smile that will live forever, you turned my way and said in the most re-assuring voice, "not a chance Seth... you see, if you look way ahead you can see past the curves into the straights and you can see what's's going to be OK, i promise." You were right because we're both still here. Whether you knew it or not, it had a deeper meaning....and I thank you for it.
Now it appears that the universe has thrown you a new kind of curve that wasnt meant to be seen past. Knowing this, still, you have risen high to give the same gift to so many others by letting us know again, "it's going to be OK." You are an inspiration for all of us.
I love you.
G o d s p e e d

carry on brave stranger

Hello Alan,
I read about your life in our local newspaper and I want you to know that I was touched by what I read. I watched two young, wonderful people who were also my aunts suffer through cancer. I can honestly say that the treatment only made them worse and I feel shortened their lives! We lost two great people all in one year. A great writer and great RN. I know they are upstairs now making a difference. I too am a lover of the water. We have a boat and my favorite times are being on the lake in our boat. I love being at the ocean too, just watching the water rush in and out. There is nothing like it and the next time I see this I will think of you who too is watching the same thing and is a brave sole who has decided to do it "his way". I commend your decision and I wish you well my friend. Just remember there are many people thinking of you all the time and you are lucky for that. Godspeed my friend!

My most memorable trip thanks to you and Eva

Ten years ago, my husband I embarked on our honeymoon to Tortola. I had gone through my scuba certification in New York - outside the city. Not a very pleasant experience. Believe it or not, I had never swam in the ocean before that. We landed on Tortola and I remember so vividly walking into Baskin in the Sun and signing up for a week's worth of diving - you all made me feel so comfortable. We added a video memory and to this day, I remember, putting my mask into the water for the first time above the wreck of the Rhone and having the most wonderful experience of my life as we were taken on a tour of the ocean over the next several days.

Everywhere we went, from Spaghetti Junction to the bars of Tortola, it seemed we ran into people we dove with and became fast friends.

Today, I have traveled the world as marketing vice president for a major company that includes marketing for the Olympics. I have met many incredible people and seen places I never knew existed, but never will any of the people or places top our trip to Tortola and Baskin in the Sun thanks to you.

The two of us watch the video at least once a month and we always talk about going back - we always assumed you would all still be there. Hearing about your illness makes me understand that you will --- in our hearts and minds.

May peace be with you and your family.
Debbie and John Platt

Mr Baskin

Dear Alan, I didn't know you well.....What I did know I liked a.lot. Your drive and personality impressed me to no end! They say only the good die young....but you are not young...good,yes! Perhaps they should revise that statement! Please take care and stay fully medicated!! I'll be looking for you, Peter Torrey (friend of Lori Cestaro)

It is beautifully evident in the loving and inspired outpouring of messages that you have set a new gold standard for living with exuberance and venturing forth to embrace the next experience with an accomplished sense of Spirit and Soul. A quote from C.S. Lewis comes to mind....."He ceased to meet us in particular places, in order to meet us everywhere." Your family and wide circle of friends are certainly most deeply grateful for your presence in their lives. Your presence will never cease.

Martha in Charleston

Thanks to Alan....

Dear Alan,

I am a friend and colleague of Roberta's and Jim's. I feel I know you, because I read Roberta's article about finding you
and because Jim tells me about you from time to time in the office. My father was very ill and died this year, and I have tried to
stay in touch with Roberta and Jim as you went through your
illness. Jim messaged me the other day to look at your
web site.

Thank you, Alan, for it. I have learned from it that one doesn't
always have to look at illness with dread, fear and anguish.
There are other ways to be. Thank you. I only wish I could
meet you in person. Maybe someday....

All the best.....
Elizabeth Farnsworth

Never had the Honor of meeting you but!

You still impacted my life

I remember reading about your operation Baskin In the Sun many times in Skin Diver, while freezing my tatas off in chilly old England.

I remember dreaming of owning my own dive school in the warm Caribbean just like you, you were one of the inspirations that got me where I am today, living and running my own Caribbean dive operation.

I'm sorry I never had the chance to meet you but I just want you to know as a third generation dive operator you had an impact on my life and I thank you for your unknowing motivation.

I honor your courage and attitude and wish you and your family my warmest wishes.

Garry "Gaz" Cooper
Gaz Cooper's DIVE BELIZE

She asked for prunes but you wanted alfalfa

My parents would love to send you a note but need your address. Mom told me a cute story from when y'all were "kids" in Miami. Do you remember when her friend Gloria Pozo, sexy, blonde from Mass. visited Miami at "Aunt" Madeline's and Elinor's? Gloria and you went on a date and she said "kiss me and say pru-u-u-nes" and you said "I like a-L-f-a-L-f-a." Well, needless to say, y'all didn't go on a 2nd. My mom is Elinor, her mother Madeline.

Elinor Ross, Harold Arias - dancing instructors at Arthur Murray. Madeline lived near 8th St., Al Ross and Mary.
Aunt Mary read the Herald article on the phone to Elinor. I've found you on the web and, to me, you look exactly the same as I remember when I was a little girl and you came to visit. Remember your baby blue cadillace convertible-va va voom! Please e-mail me if you remember and provide me an address or phone that they can reach you to say hello. Ellie and Harold are still characters. I am their daughter
Glad we found you after all these years.

Bumped in the night


We only bumped in the night lightly.... moments around Tortola and DEMA. You, the master diving entreprueneur with the incredible ad-face and me, the newbie diving photographer.

Then, you and Eva sold Baskin In The Sun to friends of mine and I lost track of you. But every time I hear Baskin In The Sun, you and Eva's faces leap into my mind's eye.

Now, out of the clear blue, this new Baskin branding....

Rest assured Alan, as I get closer to "my turn," your face will be there in stereo.

Godspeed to you.

Chris Crumley (

Forever - From your loving friends Buddy and Janice Petrillo

I wrote this song eighteen years ago in Haiti and I think I actually played it for you and Eva at Kaliko. The song is entitled "Forever" and I am dedicating it to you forever. With all my love , Buddy

Watching land behind us rise and fall
Whispering Winds and Whale Songs seem to call
Sails set tight and filled with nature's breath
Blue from sky to waves and down to depth

We didn't know which way to go
or where we were headed
And we didn't care as long as we shared each other

As the daylight faded into night
Glowing fish swam under bright starlight
It seemed the sea was so at peace
Gentle swells to made us feel at ease

We didnt't know which way to go
Or where we were headed
And we didn't care
As long as we shared each other

Forever - From your loving friends Buddy and Janice Petrillo

I wrote this song eighteen years ago in Haiti and I think I actually played it for you and Eva at Kaliko. The song is entitled "Forever" and I am dedicating it to you forever. With all my love , Buddy

Watching land behind us rise and fall
Whispering Winds and Whale Songs seem to call
Sails set tight and filled with nature's breath
Blue from sky to waves and down to depth

We didn't know which way to go
or where we were headed
And we didn't care as long as we shared each other

As the daylight faded into night
Glowing fish swam under bright starlight
It seemed the sea was so at peace
Gentle swells to made us feel at ease

We didnt't know which way to go
Or where we were headed
And we didn't care
As long as we shared each other

moses 10, alan 11

ALAN'S TEN eleven?













you have ascended to a new high with the new one. i like it.

john sexton

I thought at first I'd be intruding...

because I can hardly swim, much less scuba dive! I can float good, though (I'm a fat lady). ;-) So here I am.

I was so touched by all the messages, and I, too, read about this web site and you in USA-Today. I have read all the messages I could find today and tried to read some aloud to my husband (he's not computer literate and can't even run the scroll bar)! ;-)

I could hardly read from getting choked up. There is hope for humans -- when you share this experience with everyone, it brings out the BEST in people who "see" this site, truly see it, just as you have been showing people by example for years. Every post I see here is a delight.

I'm sending you a picture of me, Alan, as we never met and until my husband, Harold, handed me the newspaper item, I had never heard of you. I'm sending the picture because I am looking right into the camera, and the result is my eyes in this wrinkled (66 yrs old) countenance is looking right into yours. (The site encourages pictures be sent, so I'm not excluding my picture just because I don't have one with you on my lap.) ;-) (Apologies to Eva for the visual of THAT!)

(To me you do NOT look your age at all -- Young at heart really shows on you!)

You are absolutely correct, the only "real time" is NOW. The past is gone; the future isn't here yet -- in this moment.

I think "time" is all made up anyway - it is NOW for everyone chatting on IRC all around the world - and is yesterday morning in one place, tomorrow evening in another, yet we're all talking together NOW. Time tells us where we are in space related to the sun, that's all. None of us "have time."

I'm not a "new ager" type, I've been working with Fourth Way ideas since 1970 (George I. Gurdjieff, et al). I think maybe you heard of him. If not, you've heard of *knowledge* of great importance -- maybe by finding it yourself, who cares -- you've got it! A motto of the 4thWay is one of the things that attracted me to it: "*Verify* everything and believe *nothing*."

I have sent the URL for this site to at least 100 other folks I know working with the same or similar ideas, and your experience with this web site is the very best thing with which *everyone* can spend some practical time.

This is the best web site most of us have seen on the World Wide Web, kiddo -- and your public eulogy is the greatest gift for everyone who comes here.

Gurdjieff said somewhere that when *anybody* dies (even when they are unknown to us), it is a moment to remember one's own mortality and remind oneself again of the temporary gig we have here on this earth, so pay attention, he says. I do my best for myself and for my friends, too.

You may not see my picture - I couldn't figure out where it could be put - maybe 'friends' in spirit or maybe a new category? "Kindred Spirits"? Well, no matter, it is ok to not be "published". (I'm sure your friends would rather see pictures of you and themselves. Besides think of the natural nostalgia value!) *:o)

I am so glad you are happy, happy, happy! Reading your messages is very uplifting and makes ME happy, too! I really have nothing to be sad about! Never in NOW. Sad
does not exist in NOW!

Methinks it is best to be present to the second biggest event in one's life (the first being born). It seems that being present is the key, the clue, the secret -- to passing through death -- we may not even notice it! I'll try to verify that when my time comes.

I have a quotation that spurs me on to get to NOW as often as I can. the reason is, I do NOT want it to be my epitaph:

"Now I go grieving for the days on earth
I passed in worship of mortal things.
Heedless to fledge the spiritual wing.
Careless to try the measure of my worth."
[Francesco Petrarca (aka Petrarch) 1304-1374]

You, yourself, are our miracle! And no doubt you are Eva's and your family's miracle, too, as no doubt she and family are in your ballpark already on this. The whole Baskin kit and kaboodle is an excellent set of role models!

My sincere love to you, Alan, my kindred spirit friend, as I think you are. Thank you, thank you, for your continued teaching by example, the biggest and most important lesson any of us can learn, and the best way to learn it -- right before our eyes.

Stella Wirk
Sparks, Nevada

dear alan and eva,
imagine my surprise to get an email from john sexton! and my dismay to hear of alan's disease. but a visit to your website has had its inspiring moment, along with many fond memories and much sadness for our loss...
no question of the impact you have both had on my life -- from 'piece of shit' reef to deep breathing of various sorts. ah, how grand it is/was and continues to be.
my heartfelt celebration of both of you. and deep thanks for all that you are, have made, contribute to, inspire, and live with such completeness.
in peace and much love, spike

Nice to meet you Alan...Gloria Greco

Alan, it is just great to hear your attitude about this. I have worked with many people in their transition and when people get to where you are it is just such a blessing, not just for you but the people around you who are dealing with their own mortality.

I had a dear friend with Liver Cancer who I worked with in the last two years of her life. When she came to the point of totally accepting God's Will for her she just literally became radiant. She learned detachment and was able to stay home right up to the end. The day before she died she was up telling her husband what needed to be cleaned up, she kept saying you know that people are going to be coming here. He told her she needed to be in bed and she just looked at him with a smile and said, "Bill...don't push me around." And what an example this is, people need to come into the awareness that death is just another rebirth into the next level of the journey. I would love to hear from you if you have time.

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