Alan - Eva Baskin in the Sun

From : Ti Pierre, Ti Paul, Ti André, All Kaliko, the big Sponge, Amani Les Bains, Les Arcadins, La Gonave, Tap Tap La Mer, Haiti, Haiti

We say "Kimbe, Kimbe" all the Voodoo Gods of the sea are with you.

We remember it was beautiful

Samy & Fred


You may not remember me. I was working with Roberta during her quest to find you. It was certainly exciting not only when she found her father, but WHAT A FATHER!

You and Eva stayed with me when in town for her wedding. I'm sorry I never got the chance to know you better, but thank you for warmly embracing her into your family. I know it's been a gift for everyone.

Peace be with you.

Patti Raber Max

Alan - Eva Baskin in the Sun

From : Ti Pierre, Ti Paul, Ti André, All Kaliko, the big Sponge, Amani, Les Bains, Les Arcadins, La Gonave, Tap Tap La Mer, Haiti, Haiti

We say "Kimbe, Kimbe" all the Voodoo Gods of the see are with you.

We remember it was beautiful

Samy & Fred

Best wishes to you

Dear Alan and Eva;

We met when you were presented with an award at the Dive Travel Conference in Ft. Lauderdale a few years back. So sorry to hear of your illness.

We admire your attitude and outlook! Our best wishes to you and your family.

Jennifer King (WSA), Joe Stich and our two boys.

bless you!

Just read about you in USA Today and I will pray for you and your family. God bless you Alan!

The adventures of Alan and Eva

Alan - Eva ! 21-Sep 99

I just recieved an E-mail from Mallory regarding your current adventure. My best as always. FRENCHY

Good thoughts 2 U

Sending good thoughts of comfort, light and health 2 U. Your attitude is beautiful though your circumstance be challenging. Peace and Love....CWE

Good for you sir !!

Life is an adventure and it takes courage to do what you want and live it to the full. You have lived more than most, and been an inspiration to many. Good luck to you for all the days to come.

Dominick at Adventure Express

Howard Rosenstein - Red Sea Divers and Fantasea Cruises

Dear Alan,

Today is the day after Yom Kippur in Israel and when I opened my email for the first time I was both saddened by the news I received on your illness and at the same time found myself saying this is so much like you. What a Mentsch.

I am truly sorry that we never had a chance to really get to know one another as we should have diving in your place or mine, if almost happened and that is too bad.

I just want you to know, that I really looked forward year after year to bump into you at DEMA, see your twinkling eyes and special smile and learn how yet another headstrong but caring Yidden had made it in the underwater world. Your travails in Haita paralled my Tzurus in Egypt and yeet we kept on plugging along providing very special times for so many people.

God Bless You and send my best to your son and Eve
Howard Rosenstein

From Coral Way Elementary, Miami, Florida

Dear Mr. Baskin,
Your bravery is outstanding. We read about you in The Miami Hearld Newspaper, September 17, 1999 edition.
Our teacher Miss Witherspoon read the article to the class and we were very impressed. She has taught to never give up, to enjoy our life and follow your dreams, as you have done. Through this article we felt your bravery and your joy for living. Thank you for sharing your joy to the world.

The Fifth Grade Class of Miss Sandra Witherspoon
Coral Way Elementary
Miami, Florida

You Have Been An Inspiration Throughout My Quest To Succeed

Dear Brother Alan,

How could we ever forget the early Miami days of Instructor training courses with you and Jesus Otero. As my instructor, you demonstrated one of your most long standing and shining qualities...patience for other people.

How could we ever forget our ”by chance” meeting in Haiti the day you and Eva fled from the Dominican Republic’s oppression of the late 70’s!

How could we ever forget the time the Haitian taxi driver lost my lady friends suite case having flung from atop of his roof in to the streets of a village!

How could we ever forget that day I shipped an unsuspecting Wes Skiles off to join your great Haitian adventures!

How could we ever forget all of the inspirational evenings we shared while I struggled to succeed with the survival of Sport Diver Magazine and later again with Ocean Realm.

How could we ever forget a friendship that spanned for nearly three decades and countless islands?

The memory of these events that I shared with you (and Eva) are still so much a part of why I continue to reach for new goals in my mid-life diving career. You have been a timeless mentor to me having had as much to do with my goals and achievements as the likes Cousteau, Mike Nelson and Flipper. You have been a big brother to me and I will always love you for that along with so many other wonderful reasons.

And when it becomes my time to join the elements of nature you will once again be my guide as I will mirror your strength and resolve and then, come looking for you the moment I pass into the ocean’s realm.

Love and peace brother Alan.

Richard H. Stewart IV

I am so glad we met

Dear Alan and Eva,

I was so honored to be able to visit with you in Miami. Your courage and devotion to one another are an inspiration.
Roberta is one of the great gifts in my life. I am eternally grateful to you for making her possible.
You are never far from my thoughts. Love and hugs,
Florence Snyder Rivas
Tallahassee, FL



ALAN,can you ever stop teaching us life lessons? Can you ever stop being an extraordinary example to us all? Your love and GRACE you now posess, make you the most elegant
human being possible.Your example is elevating us all to
higher and higher places. For me I never knew such grace
and beauty of soul could exist. I've never knew anyone
to receive their fate this way. You are giving it a whole new definition.
I have never told you what an influence you have been
in my life. Ilearned well.
I love you, Rochelle

Dear Alan:

This is Karl Dawson at HLSCC in Tortola. I'm headed off to a "Classics" meeting shortly. You know we will speak of you, as you were so much a part of us - but just as you would like it, I know we will not be sad because that is not the spirit you brought to the group.

My first admiration of you was upon seeing those outrageous Baskin in the Sun ads that you and Eva used to do. It was as a businessman I invited you to speak to my tourism class but the lesson you gave was on life... a lesson you continue to give to all who will learn.

Best Wishes



Dear Alan,

I still remember night dives on warm tropic nights and dropping by to see neighbors and share joy and sorrow. Seeing the ocean through yours eyes led me to get a degree in oceanography.

I think often of the wonderful, crazy experiences we had together, of the many changes each of us went through and of the deep sharing which bonded us all. Memories of the wonderful times, and dives, with Eva and Naomi and the rest of the family will always be a part of me. Eva, remember that those who remain in the hearts of others never die.

Some people come into our lives and quickly go. Some people move our souls to dance. They awaken us to new understanding with the passing whisper of their wisdom.

With love from your Dominican neighbor,

from Jim Billings in Micronesia

Dear Alan,
Even though it's a different ocean and thousands of miles from your beloved Caribbean, every dive I've taken in the past couple of months - and I've been on about 20 in Yap, Truk Lagoon, Pohnpei, and Kosrae - I've thought of you at least momentarily on each occassion. In Yap I watched a dozen giant Manta Rays circle over a cleaning station/coral head for an hour and remembered your tales of jumping out of helicopters to ride them back in the 50's; In Truk, it's actually Chuuk, I've dove a dozen or so of the WWII wrecks,cruising in and out of small passages, and remembering the great weekend trips you arranged to the Turks and Caicos and the 3rd turtle inn. I remember vividly our first night dive and being totally amazed by the flourescent plankton, or the time when I was getting my dive master and I accidentally bit into a jellyfish that had planted itself on my dangling mouthpiece as I was trying to get my huge buddy into the zodiac. I still like to sing 'oh what a beautiful morning' everytime I head out for a dive...thanks to you my friend.
I know that Allyn has sent messages from Vermont. We both owe you so much, and because you've lived enough for five of us regular mortals, we're all so much luckier for having been touched by you.

Like a good champagne

Alan, you played a very important role in our lives while we resided in Haiti.  As a family, we were always very water oriented but you introduced us into an area that we had never been before.  After a long week of work at the plant we would always look forward to joining you and Eva on one your many organized dive trips to Les Arcadins, Amani Beach, and La Gonave.  No matter how bad the visibility was or how rough the ocean was you would always surface from a dive saying "What a far out dive!"  It's true, we did have some "Far out dives" and that's why we always looked foward to each weekend.
Like a good champagne Alan, the lessons we learned from you in dive school,  will always surface as the most beautiful bubbles we have ever experienced.
May your bubbles carry you on to a peaceful journey into the sea of stars.
The Forgham Brothers,  Rick, Ron, and Earl

Dear Alan and Eva,

I just heard from my daughter,Marika, who is now living in Miami, that you were very ill Alan. Then I read your thoughts and the letters on this site and I knew I found the right guy.
If I get to Miami next month, I'll try to find you, in the meantime there is no better description of you then the following:

I N V I C T U S.

Out of the night that covers me,
Black as the Pit from pole to pole,
I thank whatever gods may be
For my unconquerable soul.

In the fell clutch of circumstance
I have not winced nor cried aloud.
Under the bludgeoning of chance
My head is bloody, but unbowed.

Beyond this place of wrath and tears
Looms but the horror of the shade,
And yet the menace of the years
Finds, and shall find, me unafraid.

It matters not how straight the gate,
How charged with punishments the scroll,
I am the master of my fate:
I am the captain of my soul.


Though I never wrote, I thought of you two constantly. Be strong Eva-girl. Take as example that bearded guy you married long ago and loved so well - just like so many of us.


Hi Alan

Warm greetings to you and Eva and your sons from an old Dominican Republic student of yours -- Mike Yanko here. Don't know if you remember me. I'm your son Michael's age. He and I were in the same grade together at Carol Morgan School. My brother David is Chris's age.
I used to come over and play with Mike and Chris a lot. You let me take the Scuba course free. You set it up as a prize of some kind at our school, and my name was drawn. I learned a lot and really enjoyed the way you taught the course. I took lots of notes.
Now I also remember that you let me use one of your bikes to ride home one time. I got hit on it -- a car took out the back tire and I was thrown to the grass on the curb. I returned the bike in that condition, which raised kind of a stink in your house. I'm really sorry. I hope I can be forgiven by you and yours. I was pretty immature when I was twelve. And broke. But I should have found a way to repair the thing, by working odd jobs and saving my pesetas. Time has healed many things for me since then. I'm on great terms with my Mom, finally, in my 36th year. There were 20 years between now and then when I failed to appreciate all she did for my brother and I. Do you remember Barbara, my Mom?
I remember how generous you and Eva and Naomi were with me, in your home. Alvin! That was the other guy's name. I remember you letting me cue up albums on your home stereo, like "Abbey Road" (The Beatles) and "Tea for the Tillerman" (Cat Stevens) -- two of my all time favorites now. Your son Michael and I used to climb on the roof and hang out and talk. One time he and Chris showed me a bush in your backyard and said "Try one of those green things - They're candy." I did. Popped one right in my mouth and started chewing it...only to find that it was a jalapeno~. AAaaaah ha ha ha.
Since then I have been a swim team captain, back in high school in Michigan; a chef at a great Mexican restaurant; and now I run a bilingual Adult Education program in Phoenix, Arizona. Not many places here to go diving, but I just rafted the Grand Canyon again. And I'll be married December 12th to the love of my life.
I am following your example Alan, and trying to lead a very rewarding, loving, and full life.
Please have Michael get back in touch with me, if he can. All the Best, Mike Yanko

Be Better

Hi Alan:

I've thought about you many times over the past few years. You're one of those guys that makes an impression, damn it. When I was selling advertising space for Underwater USA in 1991, I offered my girlfriend at the time the chance to accompany me on a sales trip to Tortola that summer if she got certified to dive. She took me up on the offer. I told her she had to meet one of my customers, Alan Baskin. We shared a nice lunch before you sent us out on a beautiful afternoon dive. You were gracious and charming as usual and we never forgot it.

Well, my Tortola scam worked. By the next summer, Ceci and were married. Now we live near San Francisco with two little boys. The oldest (3-1/2) already wants to be a scuba diver. I'm still selling advertising space. My company, AOL, has a nice relationship with CBS. Maybe one day I'll get to meet your daughter.

I saved a copy of the article below from one of your newsletters. I always liked it and since I didn't see it posted here, I thought maybe others would enjoy it too. Be better, Alan! Our prayers are with you; God bless.

Frank and Cecilia Minishak

Be Better

Most of my life, especially recently, I have tried to get things down to their lowest common denominator. What's the real essence of something? Things like jealousy can only be an "insecurity". If you're really secure within yourself, how can you be jealous of anyone, for anything?

Well, a few weeks ago, I ended up in the hospital, with a life threatening condition. I had a chance to spend a lot of time thinking. What a treat? We spend so much time listening to noises, that we seldom have time to think.

Anyway, while thinking, I came up with one of those essences that has grown to such incredible proportions, that I want to share it with everyone.

It started out in my hospital bed about 2:00 am. Not being able to sleep, I was thinking that what I really needed, was to get well. I mean really get well. Take care of myself. Eat the right things. Exercise. Be in good health to be able to enjoy life.

An astounding sentence came wafting through my haze that contained two words that became more and more startling!

The more I thought about these two little words, the more I realized how utterly eloquent they were in their simple solution to perhaps much of the world's present predicament.

Now when I first tell you what they are, wait a few minutes, and think about them, and just how far they can take you.

The words are, "be better". I mean we all don't have to be a lot better, but every day if we all got a little better, and really became aware of NOW, just picture what could happen to our planet. Instead of saying "good-bye" start saying "Be Better" and see what happens.

-- Alan Baskin


Nurse diver from Miami

I read about your illness in the Miami Herald Sept 17, 1999. I admire your courage, as you face the last dive over the wall into the blue abyss. See you when I arrive since I did not have the pleasure of meeting you in this lifetime.

Buzzy Kaufman and Gayle Gordon

Our memories of you make us smile. Out trips to Tortola would not have been complete without spending time with you and Eva. And through the years getting to know just about your entire family has been wonderful too.
We send you much aloha Alan. You are a special man, a person who always makes people feel good!
Lots of love from Maui, your friends Buzzy and Gayle

Interested in your philosophy of life....

I've read many of the messages you have received...and we don't know each other...a small article appeared about you in my local Johnstown, Pa. Tribune-Democrat newspaper and anytime I see "pancreatic cancer" catches my attention. Perhaps I need to be addressing this to your wife, rather than you. I won't, at this time, get into the details but I lost my husband 2 years ago. After much soul searching and seeking information, we decided on the conventional treatment and I will always wonder if that was the right choice. The loved ones do not go untouched and we get to die a little every day. I admire your stance and your courage and wish you every moment of a full life but please do not go softly into the wind. There is never enough life for us, never enough time. Yes, enjoy each day to the fullest, as we all need to, but never stop searching, never resign yourself to the inevitable. Lord, I don't want to get too deep into this, my main reason for writing is that I am hoping for some consolation. But, I guess we don't get to know if we have made the right choices in life..we just do the best we can, at the time. May the heavens smile down upon you and your loved ones. "We only get to live once, and if we do it right, once is enough."

My email is Perhaps I can get some peace from your wife. Perhaps I never will. God bless. I will keep posted to your website. Will you provide us (both friends and strangers that you have never me}..on your progress?

Sincerly, Chi-Chi Campbell, Windber, Pa.

I Missed One

Dear Alan:

My wonderful career has afforded me the opportunity to meet so many of the great people in this world, but it is obvious that I missed meeting one of the greatest - you. However, we have shared a space - within the wonderful gift of life. You are in my thoughts.

David Brenner

Dick and Pam Nivala...HUB...Haiti 1982

Dear Alan and Eva,

My husband and I met you through HUB in Haiti back in 1982. We look back at that time with fondness and appreciation. You allowed us to share with you your excitement and enthusiasm for a most lovely country and its people. We were also introduced there to George Kenn who subsequently became a good friend to us.

I know you won't remember us but we remember you and your lovely wife was a most magical and lovely time.

Thank you.

Dick and Pam Nivala

You can be a real pain

I got in the business about 30 years ago -- a mere junior compared to you. We met at many events and became friends or colleagues. You were always inspiring, challenging, and upbeat. This alone can be annoying. But you pulled it off.
Now you have once again upstaged and embarassed us younsters in the business, with your inventive, positive, and inspiring living eulogy. Guys like you need to leave something for us to invent. This is why guys like you (come to think of it -- there is no one like you) can be a real pain.
Seriously, I am truly sorry that I never took you up on your warm invitations, no make that powerful exhortations, to come visit and stay with you. It will be one of those things I look back upon and wished I had done so. For whatever reasons, I felt I did not have the time, I was wrong -- it is clear I had much more to learn from you. Here too, you have taught me a lesson. Thank you.
You are a tough act to follow. It has been a pleasure to know you.
I wish you the very best as you prepare for your dive over the wall, into the abyss.

John Englander

(I am very grateful that our mutual friend Bert Killbride told me of your situation and this site this past weekend.)

So Grateful for This Time Around

Dearest Alan and Eva and all . . .

Thanks to Seth and Herb I found you up here in N.C. on the net via the Herald. You are in my heart where you know you have always been. Alan - I am most grateful that we shared a step on life's path this time around; we will most surely meet up again. You will go with God my friend, in peace and love, as you always have.


I share your spirit

I could said that you are a brave person butI know you are not.Your a person like myself who looks at dead not as an end but a beginning. In 1992 I suffered a severe stroke. I went into a coma for 15 days after they operated on my brain. I was ready to accept the final call and even tho the doctors said that if I come out of the coma I would be a vegetable, the will to survine is a strong one. I recovered most of my funtionals and I look at each day as if it was the last.I applaud you and enjoy the other side.

Sam DiGuiseppe


deprived, not exactly the sort of word you would normally associate with alan baskin. but it is what we will be without his presence.

i had the priveledge of working with alan and eva for an all-too-short moment in this life. i learned a lot and he was not even "teaching". it just came naturally to him, this imparting of ... well, life. while i have been out of touch, i am still (and will always be) touched by his person.

alan, when you get to wherever it is we are supposed to end up, be like a kid in a candy store.

john sexton

Thanks for the memories...Eva & Alan

Well Earl Forgham advised me of your illness a week ago and needless to say I'm greatly saddened. Once again you and Eva are showing that rough seas and murky waters can still be a life altering / inspirational experience, however. Alan, you have touched so many with your enthusiasm. I spent about 5 yrs with you and Eva in Haiti, diving from Kaliko Beach, Amani, and the Bay of Gonaive. You provided the outlet that others such as Jack Barlow, Stan Urban, and I required to keep from getting "rock fever" in Haiti. You gave me, and all the others, the open door to the scuba world and I will be eternally greatful for this experience. While I look back on my days in Haiti fondly, despite all the obstacles, it was friendships with Eva, you and the other ex-pats that made the experience of a life time. I'm glad you have provided all of your friends and those other you have touched by your inspiration a vehicle to express our thoughts. I pray that your future will bring compassion and if we can't see one another that your voyage will be peaceful. All my love to Eva.


Dave Sheridan / El Paso, TX

A Classy Guy


You are a classy guy in life and you have set the standard for a classy exit. We applaud your grace and style. Thank you for the lesson.

Peaceful and respectful best wishes for this journey.

With love from your neighbors in Tortola,

Kenneth and Gillian

Dear Alan Baskin,
I read with great interest the article in USA Today, about you and your family. Your life to this point has been one of great significance. And despite your current outlook with cancer, it seems as if you've had a great life and met and touched a great many people.
I am 72 yrs.old and live in Columbus, OH, and have for 30 years. I was born in Cleveland, and your picture evoked memories for me of a couple who lived in Cleveland in the 30's and early 40's who were friends of my parents. They were Ben and Mary Baskin, and they had a dept. store that I believe was called Banner Dept. Store. My father, Herman, was a salesman and sold them merchandise, and he and my mother got together with them and other friends socially. I was a young kid in those days, and remember the Baskins coming to our house. They had a son Alan, and a daughter called Bootsie, which I think was Barbara. If you are that Alan, then we must have met as children. If you aren't, then I'm mistaken. However, I still wanted to make contact and congratulate you on a life well spent, and to continue and enjoy with great memories.
Best Regards,
Sheldon Schoen

From All The Boy's

I didn't have the pleasure to meet you, but I have known your son, Michael over the last 4 years. He has always spoken highly of you.
Visiting your WebSite has the inspiration that all men wish! To be able to live our lives doing the things we love the most thus making us boys again.
You have touched many people and made them aware of a whole other world. Our thoughts and prayers are with you The Boys of the world Know You had a Wonderful Life!!!


Jay Suetos
One of the Boys In California


"Now" is a gift I will remember for a very long time. I understand your love of the sea. I wish I'd had an opportunity to dive with you. My experiences are of the Great Barrier Reef. My thoughts, and prayers are with you and your family.
Maribeth Brinkmann

Who's the Babe!!! Just kidding.....

I just returned from vacation to from my perspective is sad news for myself and those of us who have benefited from your lifestyles. You look great in the photos,
and The BABE', Oh My !!!! I will see you again some day.
Jolly Louis & Kay

Have a Hoot

As I try to think of something to say I can only come up with this-
laugh, damn you, laugh!

Oh- wait- it seems I was mistaken- you needn't advice; indeed, you stand as advice incarnate, like Socrates, teaching us all how to die. No greater service cna be rendered.


Chuck U. Farley
Bully Magazine

just thought I'd say hi

I read about this web site today in USA Today and thought I would drop you a line. I've never met you personally, but I am proud to say that I share with you a great love of scuba diving and the underwater world. I was in the BVI over the summer getting my rescue diver certification, and its pretty clear that you couldn't have picked a nicer or more friendly place to set up shop! As far as I'm concerned, the best diving, and the best people, ANYWHERE. I'll think about you next time I'm "Baskin in the Sun." :-)
Good luck with whatever lies ahead!


Sean Safdi
Cincinnati, OH

Sweet Partings

I have only met you thru your web site but would like to add my thoughts:

Alan: your joy should be in the wisdom of your departure: it is a tribute to your higher self. You Are. Your courage to leave so graciously is your gift to mankind. Now I can better understand the meaning of the words: "Go In Peace".

To Eva: Courgaeous woman, you are strong. But when the grief overwhelms, consciously move "up" to love: and you will find Alan again in the new vibration of your being. Only then will you be at home in your peace.

God Bless.

'Remember when you were young, you shone like the sun.
Shine on you crazy diamond.'

Shalom my friend.


Dive Free

In the biker world when we lose a friend, he's saluted with "Ride Free" - that is, he's free of the trappings and bindings of this earthly life, and the rules and restrictions that are placed upon us.

To you sir, "Dive Free" - forever unfettered by this world's restrictions. You are the leader of the pack!

You have given so much to so many - your name and memory will be with us all forever.

A friend in the wind

From a new admirer

From USA Today, I read about you and your great outlook and decision not to accept conventional treatment for your pancreatic cancer. As a Biologist , I applaud you. As a Human Being, I admire and support you. You have many friends. Now, you have another! "Keep up that 'infectious' positive ATTITUDE !

An honor to know you

Dear Alan - as so many of these other messages begin; You probably don't remember me, but..... Well, you probably don't rememember me, but I spent a week at the Prospect Reef two years in a row,(1990&1991); the first time taking my AOW course with Dave Martian and Vic, and the second, vacationing with a recently certified buddy. You and your staff inspired me to continue my dive instruction and I eventually became a PADI divemaster. I have travelled to many destinations, and dove with many operators. I can honestly say that yours was without a doubt the most professional, knowledgeable, and enjoyable I have had the pleasure to experience. I particularly enjoyed our last-night cruise to Jost Van Dyke. I was saddened to read about your illness in USA Today, today and was glad to have this opportunity to write you. It truly is an honor knowing you, and I wish the best for you and your family.

Marc Platau

Betty Sue and I look forward to partying with y'all at the next watering hole. Until then. We love you.
Betty Sue and Mickey Shaw 20-9-99

Bon Voyage

I read about your illness today (Sept. 20th) in my local newspaper and thought I would send along a note to a fellow
scuba nut. I am a certified scuda diver, although I haven't been able to dive lately due to the cost. I am impressed by your bravery not to accept treatment and move along to the dive site in the sky, may your remaining time be a great one! I don't know how i'll feel when its my time to go, at this moment I'm scared of the thought and you have provided me with food for thought. Perhaps we will meet in the afterlife and share stories of our past dives. I only wish that I'll have as many friends as you do when my time comes.

big hugs and kisses

Dear Alan,

Leon and I will always cherish our Tortola years and time spent with you and Eva...sailing, sharing our innermost feelings in "Group" with you and Eva, Ben & Mary, Will and Herb...those magical passover Sedars at the Magic Castle when you and Eva opened your hearts and home to all those meschugina sailing jews from all over the world. Watching the Guyanese Swami meet the Tortolian Swami. Alan you are and will always be a spirit filled with powerful,impish magic. I cherish the lessons you probably never knew you were teaching me. I thank you for being my friend and teacher and basking in your radiance. We love and adore you and Eva...Stephanie and Leon

' Sa-lute !! '

Ahoy Matey !!

I've never dove with you ; but I've seen your adds in
the dive magazines for many years. I'm not an active
diver but I do it when I can. Quoting from a phrase from
Jimmy Buffett i'm 'A Pirate Looks at 50 ' because that's
what I'm lookin at in January 2000. Divin' since '68.
Anyway, I can see that you have a love of the sea and
a lifestyle that most of us wouldn't mind having.
I hope and pray for the best for you and your family.
I'm sure you've made alot of 'Happy - Divers 'through
the years.


Does this sound like anyone we know?

A Message From Beyond:

A couple made a deal that whoever died first would come back and inform the other if there was an after life. The woman's biggest fear was that there was no heaven. After a long life, the husband was the first to go, and true to his
word he made contact.

Some time after her husbands funeral she's sitting on her front porch and hears, "Mary... Mary.... ".

"Is that you, Fred?"

"Yes, I have come back to contact you like we agreed."

"What is it like there...are you okay?"

"Well,it's really not too bad. I get up early in the morning; I have sex; I eat breakfast; I have sex; I bathe in the sun for a while, then I have sex twice; I eat lunch, then have sex pretty much all afternoon; I eat supper, then I have sex until late at night; I sleep; then start all over again."

"Oh, Fred, you surely must be in heaven."

"Hell, no, Mary! I'm a rabbit in Kansas.

you are an inspiration for life

i don't know you but you sound wonderful. i am also a diver and have been blessed to travel to many destinations, and yours will now go on the list. reading the letters written by those you have touched makes it clear you have inspired many - what a gift you have given. i can only hope to be blessed with a bit of that attitude, a smile and laugh everyday to live my life with. take care and hugs and kisses to you and your family as you take this next journey.
laura b. mchaney

Thank You!

Dear Mr. Baskin,
You tought my family how to scuba dive about 10 years ago. My brother and sister did a resort course with you as our teacher. It was wonderfull. My mother Joyce Lussier was ceritfied by you and now goes diving with Paulina(who is from Tortoala) a few times a year. I want to thank you for opening a great door for my mom. She started to take under water pictures and is very good at it. I wish you and your family the best and my heart goes out to you. You have shown people that they can do almost anything and that is a wonderful gift.

Thank you,
Paul Downey
Fairfax, VA



Dear Baskin Family,

I have just found your website after it was mentioned on our news wire service. My name is Nicholle and I am the producer of Nightline, a talkback radio show on 6PR in Perth Western Australia. My presenter, Graham, assistant Kate and I were very moved by the written messages and we have discussed them with our audience. Since cancer has touched my family I was very aware of the support and compassion that so many people have for you. You will never die, too many people carry you around with them in their memory.

Yours sincerely,


Thank you


I'm sure you don't remember me, but I will never forget you and Eva. Around 1984 a friend and I went on a diving trip with you in Haiti. I was amazed at all you knew. You took us down to the largest elephant ear sponge you thought existed. Eva turned me on to imotil when I got sick. You had the first satellite phone I had ever seen. I never forgot about you two and the exciting life you lived. When I read about your illness in USA Today, I immediately knew that you were the person I had gone diving with years before. Thank for the best dives I ever had. Stay strong and fight this disease.

Alice Raver

I honor you for your courage and your dignity. You, and your life are a shining example of what it means to be a true human being. May God ease your journey. You are in my prayers.

A friend



Greetings from the Forghams

Patty Forgham here (youngest of the crew from Dick & Betty Forgham) writing you from Maryland. My brother Ron faxed me a copy of the Miami Herald article and I was thrilled to read about your living eulogy Web site. What a deserving tribute for you to enjoy!
I remember our happy weekends at Ibo Beach in Haiti. You and Eva introduced a sport to the island that was long overdue.
I wanted to share a poem with you that was used for Dad's memeorial in 1996. It was appropriately accompanied by a painting of sailing off the coast of Tortola. It was dad's favorite poem and he would recite it often, rubbing his salty chest and gazing at the bay...

The Sea Gypsy by, Richard Hovey
I am fevered with the sunset,
I am fretful with the bay,
For the wander-thirst is on me
And my soul is in Cathay.
There's a schooner in the offing,
With her topsails shot with fire,
And my heart has gone aboard her
For the Islands of Desire.
I must forth again to-morrow!
With the sunset I must be
Hull down on the trail of rapture
In the wonder of the sea.

You and dad are kindred spirit and can say you celebrated everyday to the fullest. God bless, and best wishes to you and Eva. A fellow islander friend, Patty Forgham-Thrift

Miami's Old Timers

Hi Alan,
I took your first aid course in the early 70's in Miami Traveler's Inn Motel at the PADI Instructor's Institute run by Jesus Otero.I always recall all your great stories of diving and have related them many times. After that the only time I saw you was every year at DEMA. I have missed seeing you at DEMA since you sold Baskin In The Sun.
I ended up in Costa Rica and had my own bout with cancer (colon)and I just got my "5 Year" clean bill of health. I took Chemo in Costa Rica and continued to dive and had prolonged exposure to the sun, supposedly no no's.While taking chemo I always felt better at 80 feet than I did sitting on the boat.(come to think of it, I was always like that even when I was not taking chemo)
I'm only 67, still diving, working in diving and enjoying living. You will be my inspiration. I want to at least live as long as Alan Baskin.
Bill Beard
Diving Safaris de Costa Rica

One More Life You Touched In A Special Way

I will always think of you as a dear friend even though
our meeting was brief in 1988. I'll always remember you
as the kind of man that exudes a lust and spirit for life
that makes you jealous you're not living his life.
I fully understand what you said at the beginning of this
web page. You're just 10 years older than I am and I've
learned since meeting you that a lust for life continues
to the last minute.
I will miss you my friend and hope to see you again in
warm waters with unlimited vis, surrounded by every
beautiful sea creature God ever created. You inspire us
all to live life to the fullest.
Til we meet again,
Godspeed and Take Care
Bill Hartzman

Living - Not Dying

Mr. Baskin:

I understand you have been stricken with pancreatic cancer, and I am so very sorry to know you will be sharing what my father passed away from. I want to let you know how much I admire your courageous statement -- and to encourage you to LIVE with your cancer, not DIE from it. Please let your friends and family know that there is a wonderful organization that can connect you with resources to help and support you -- The Pancreatic Cancer Action Network. The URL is http:/// - Sending you positive thoughts. Suzy from Northern Virginia.


Dear Alan,

When Roberta and Jim first told me that they were taking me to Tortola with them and their beautiful baby Chelsea I was overwhelmed. I had never heard of Tortola and had no idea where it was. Being a small town girl from Iowa I was really out of my element, but you and Eva made sure you made me feel welcome and like a part of the family. I treasure my memories of Tortola and meeting you was a real privelege. You are indeed one of a kind and I wish you the best in your next journey. My thoughts are with you and your family. God bless and take care of you. I am sure you don't remember me as it has been several years, but I was Chelsea's first nanny and it was a pleasure for me to get to know Roberta's family.

Tracy Taylor Yochum

God Bless you.

We read an article about your situation in the Fresno Bee.
My wife were both impressed that you had rejected conventional cut and radiate medecine. I looked on the internet for natural cures for pancreatic cancer. I found
a promising web page from Canada. Check it out. The address
It sounds like something that would fit the life style and
attitude that you have. Good luck, good health, and God
Bless you now and always.

Sincerely Gary Simons

Take arms against a sea of troubles!

Dear Alan,

I lost my mother to cancer in 1986 after two years of conventional treatment - surgery followed by chemotherapy and some experimental treatments. It didn't work. She was 62-years old when she died and had been accepted to two law schools at the time she was diagnosed in 1984. Whenever possible I try to point others to informatino I didn't have in time to be of help to Mom even though this knowledge was very public information demonstrated before a Senate subcommittee in the late 40's.

I met Lawrence Kirk in December 1996 at a meeting in Houston of the Gerson therapy support group at which time he was not only well but had survived two years after a diagnosis of pancreatic cancer. He used and strictly adhered to the therapy of Dr. Max Gerson. Please don't give up: go directly to and open yourself to the possibilities. Call the institute and speak with Charlotte Gerson, Dr. Max's daughter.

If you would like to speak with Mr. Kirk, send me an e-mail and I would be delighted to give you his number.


You seem to be a man that has touched many people in his life judging from the messages I have read.I am a Prostate Cancer survivor that should have died 4 to 6 years ago but I'm still here.I use mostly herbs in my treatment especially Astralagus, Lovage alternated with Echinechea. I also use a product called MGN-3 to increase the activity of the NK cells. I also used traditional therapy. Here is a web site you may want to check on. then type in a search for pancreatic cancer and check out a abstract from Am J Clin Oncol;22(4):355-60 1999 UI:99366801 then put in a search for ethanol injection pancreatic cancer you will find some abstracts that show it reduces the pain. Also there was a study in the May 1999 issue of the International Journal of Oncology on end stage pancreatic patients with a experimental drug called rubitecan(RFS-2000) in a Phase 3 clinical trial. God bless you, Bill



We have never met but I learned of your web site in the Charleston Post & Courier in Chas., SC. I saw your website. I found it very interesting as well as touching. Even though I do not know you, I feel like I do. Alan, you have had a wonderful life ... full of abundance. I am 32 years old and I am still wondering what to do with my life. You have given me inspiration and hope. You have made me think, in the few minutes I read your site, about changing my life ... going for the gusto ... like you did. I know you are gravely ill ... and soon all of us will face that inevitable journey to heaven. I believe life on earth is a stepping stone to something better. I know you will be scuba diving with the angels! I have said a prayer for you. I have asked God to look out for you, I have asked God to usher you away in peace with his personals angels. My prayers extend to your family as well. You seem to have a wonderful family. They are very fortunate to have a wonderful husband/father like you.

God bless you Alan Baskin!

Wendy Jamieson
Charleston, SC

Just a thought

Picked up the press coverage about you in the tidbits of the newspaper. Amazing how one can spend a whole life, then become newsworthy with the one thing they have so little control over (and so little desire to participate in), their death.

George Orwell said in 1984 that "there are no heroes against pain." He may have been correct. However, there are heroes against death, and the discourtesy it extends. Sometimes, that heroism is in the way they face this inevitable situation. Sometimes in the way they work to make it easier for those who care for them. You seem to be an example for both. It is easy to see why your friends will miss you.

I don't have anything to make it easier. No remedies to offer. Not even a good story to share. But I can say that it is a disappointment to think that I will never have the chance to know you, to become a friend, before you die. Because of my religious beliefs I don't expect you to go on to some other wonderful life after death. I do expect that you will be raised up from the dead and given a chance for eternal life. I hope that we may meet yet.

Congratulations on living a life that has obviously touched so many so positively.

Best wishes.
Dave Lang

May your trip to another plateau be filled with joy and free of pain

You probably don't remember me, but many years ago, when I was in Tortola to help my father (who was in between wives) recuperate from broken ribs -- I was walking to town and you offerred me a ride -- we talked and you know I was Bert Kilbride's daughter -- you said such nice things about him -- and now, after reading the Miami Herald Article about your daughter finding you after so many years, I was touched -- May God bless you and keep you in the palm of his hand and until we meet again. Ellen Kilbride Christopher

A Note from Bill Gleason

Hi Alan,

I ran across this site mentioned in a local newspaper, and realized I didn't have your FL. address... So, here goes:

1. For all your support, trust, friendship, and faith over the years, a thousand thanks...

2. For your pioneering spirit in the diving business, my fondest hope that the future will enhance the wonderful beginning you created and defined...

3. For all the stories swapped, tales told, and secrets shared... a lifetime of precious memories. For the lessons learned about living, many thanks.

I am delighted to see you, courageous and wild as always, as you prepare to jump ship! Another Alan Baskin lesson we can cherish.

May your next voyage be as filled with excitement and discovery as this one,

With love and fondest regards to you and Eva,

Bill Gleason
(860) 233-3703

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